Mobile Legends Adventure Codes: Latest Codes (March 2023)


Mobile Legends Adventure Codes: Free game goods and improvements are awesome. With these codes, you may increase your travels. Mobile Legends Adventure is a popular RPG, therefore these codes may be changed regularly when milestones are reached. We’ve included all the live and expired Mobile Legends Adventure codes below. We’ll also explain how to redeem them, so keep reading to acquire your gifts quickly.

Mobile Legends Adventure Codes (March 2023)

Mobile Legends Adventure Codes

Here’s a list of March’s Mobile Legends Adventure codes. You can’t refuse free gems and scrolls, can you? Mobile Legends Adventure codes:

  • 8JESRQ22294: Code for 1000 diamonds and 5 Premium Summon Scrolls
  • SUMMER0826: Code for 500 diamonds
  • SAUQSE: Code for free rewards
  • 03PSBH: Code to get 500 Diamonds
  • 3NVCDR: Code to get 500 Diamonds
  • 5L8VNO: Code to get 500 Diamonds
  • 5TS2JD22262: Code to get 500 Diamonds
  • 6D92BD2228G: Code to get 1000 Diamonds & 10 Premium Summon Scrolls
  • 6OQGJ7: Code to get 500 Diamonds
  • 7YQM6G: Code to get 500 Diamonds
  • 8TKYE8: Code to get 500 Diamonds
  • 99WMXM2228H: Code to get 500 Diamonds
  • BFU77C22263: Code to get 500 Diamonds
  • CARNIVAL: Code to get 200 Diamonds & one Monthly Pass Coupon
  • CGUNBA22264: Code to get 1000 Diamonds
  • CK3VEF2228D: Code to get 1000 Diamonds & 10 Premium Summon Scrolls
  • CUNZJZ22274: Code to get 500 Advance Essence, 10 Premium Summon Scrolls & one Monthly Pass Coupon
  • DKMEQF2225W: Code to get 500 Diamonds
  • DPW4TB: Code to get 500 Diamonds
  • EAKSUY2228C: Code to get 300 Diamonds
  • GU4PRS: Code to get 1000 Diamonds
  • HJPHU222277: Code to get 500 Diamonds
  • K54G8B: Code to get 500 Diamonds
  • KB7LF7: Code to get 500 Diamonds
  • KP38NH2228F: Code to get 500 Diamonds
  • KQY7LX: Code to get 500 Diamonds
  • L2WGN8: Code to get 500 Diamonds
  • MBZHQ5: Code to get 1000 Diamonds
  • MLA9453: Code to get 777 Diamonds, two Premium Summon Scrolls & 100,000 Battle Points
  • NEWERA0429: Code to get 500 Diamonds
  • PTFCPC22289: Code to get 500 Diamonds
  • QR2GYJ: Code to get 500 Diamonds
  • RJYCD3: Code to get 500 Diamonds
  • S3M0PW: Code to get 500 Diamonds
  • SZYP34: Code to get 1000 Diamonds
  • TB8VUA: Code to get 500 Diamonds
  • TNEEY822275: Code to get 500 Diamonds
  • TRPW762228N: Code to get 500 Diamonds
  • UNXPTZ: Code to get 500 Diamonds
  • VANOSS415: Code to get 300 Diamonds
  • VNEKZH: Code to get 1000 Diamonds
  • VVRTA5: Code to get 1000 Diamonds
  • WJDZ7G2227D: Code to get 500 Diamonds
  • WS8DYD22286: Code to get 500 Diamonds
  • X7BOVF: Code to get 500 Diamonds
  • XMASFUN689: Code to get one,000 Diamonds & 20 Premium Summon Scrolls
  • YCZ8MR: Code to get 500 Diamonds
  • YEHQKS: Code to get 500 Diamonds
  • Z9D9A622288: Code to get 1000 Diamonds, 10 Premium Summon Scrolls & 500 Advance Essence
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Mobile Legends Adventure Expired Codes (March 2023)

We have a collection of Mobile Legends Adventure expired codes if you wish to attempt them. There’s no harm in attempting if you’re already inputting current Mobile Legends Adventure codes.

  • 00NATAN00
  • 2QL6WU
  • 549DNS2223W
  • 5WYYQZ
  • 6MTDUW2223W
  • 888888 
  • EV4UTW2223U 
  • GJ4HUF
  • M6GUU5
  • MLAIG500K 
  • MLMLA0908 
  • MQS9SE
  • R3Z428
  • SJOBY3
  • SUMMER777 
  • U6PTKZ2224V 
  • VMNFZA22248

Redeeming Mobile Legends Adventure Codes

What good are gift codes you can’t redeem? Follow these steps to acquire free stuff:

  • Open up Mobile Legends Adventure on your device in Roblox
  • Click on the ‘Event’ button on the left
  • Hit the ‘Notice Board’ button, and then click on the ‘Redeem CD-Key’ icon
  • Enter any of the active codes found above into the text box that appears
  • Hit ‘Confirm’ to claim your free prizes

This completes our collection of Mobile Legends Adventure codes, including current and expired codes. Free in-game goodies!


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