TikTok reportedly starting live shopping in US

TikTok to launch live shopping in the US: To ensure its live shopping feature is successful in the United States, TikTok is looking for partners to outsource management of these functions. Once established, they plan on launching this feature soon!

TikTok May Launch Live Shopping in the U.S.

The Financial Times reports that TikTok has been in talks with TalkShopLive, a Californian firm, to provide technical support for their live shopping services. Such technology would enable producers and marketers to monetize content hosted on websites. As part of a pilot program being tested by TikTok, the platform is expected to cover any required 10% seller commission fee.

TikTok starting live shopping in US

Tiktok May Outsource TalkshopLive For Live Shopping in US

According to the information provided by the source, TikTok and TalkShopLive have not yet finalized the conditions of their agreement. The previous year saw TalkShopLive invest a total of $6 million in a seed extension round. As a consequence of this, there is very little information available on when the shop feature will actually become live.

TikTok starting live shopping in US: Tiktok Previously Partnership with Shopify

TikTok entered into a partnership with Shopify in 2018 to launch new ecommerce services. As part of this collaboration, business accounts were given the ability to upload Shopify catalogues to a separate tab on their profiles. In addition, the company offered the resources to different companies that were necessary for them to construct, run, and monitor their advertising campaigns on the system. TikTok also started testing a specialized Shop feed in the month of June. This feed showcases products that are available for sale by merchants within the app.

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Last year, the company’s live shopping solution was tested for the first time outside Asia in the United Kingdom. Unfortunately, a report published by Financial Times in July indicated that this trial had not met their goals and they were now reconsidering whether to expand live shopping to other countries such as America and Germany.


TikTok did not provide specifics regarding the types of partnerships it is seeking to expand its live commerce capabilities; however, it did state that they are looking to expand their business.

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