Dental Software: Best Dental Practice software of 2024

Dental Software: Dental practise management software offers more specialized functions than typical medical software packages. Dentists and orthodontists require their own clinical management systems and features for simplified operations.

Dental plans, x-ray sensors, intraoral cameras, panoramic and cephalometric devices are necessary. Some consider dental practice management software a specialty rather than an option.

A dental office management tool should maintain a calendar, schedule appointments, track payments statuses and send automated billing reminders. Furthermore, patient self-service portals provide the first point of contact between consumers and the practice.

Charting and maintaining patient data is a critical process, often utilizing graphics or modelling tools for treatment planning and recording. Integrating imaging equipment and x-ray sensors helps keep patient records comprehensive and up to date.

Most of the best dental office software is cloud-based, accessible from desktop or mobile devices.

Discover the top dental practice management software platforms.

Full list of the top dental practise management software for 2024:

1. ACE Dental


  • Explicit pricing
  • Tiered plan selection
  • Direct phone assistance
  • charting with integrated odontograms


  • No mobile applications
  • inadequate in-person onboarding
  • only during limited hours on weekdays, telephone support
  • All plans have a time restriction on eReminders to Recall Patients, and there is no additional fee.

ACE Dental has an impressive list of features, making it a leader in dental office software. We focus on cloud-based solutions rather than downloading versions to your desktop.

We appreciate the three-tiered, straightforward price structure. Included phone assistance is great, though we wish the hours weren’t limited to weekdays and business hours. There also need to be other help channels such as chat or email available; however, there is a support site with plenty of helpful how-to videos available.

Odontogram charting and digital signatures for papers are guaranteed to meet your needs, however the time restriction for eReminders to get patients back should be extended. ACE Dental’s numerous features make it the premier dental practice management software.

2. Tab32


  • Direct phone assistance
  • charting visually
  • High standing
  • utilises single sign-on


  • Unknown price
  • No free trial or tier is available.
  • setup cost
  • few alternatives for direct support
  • No mobile applications

Tab32 is an impressive cloud-based dental software solution, boasting 9 million user records. Visual charting on the odontogram offers versatility. We especially like two-way text support for patient engagement, AI-driven radiography, and recall automation – perfect for dental professionals on a tight budget!

We wish the price information were more accessible, there were smartphone applications for accessing patient data outside the office, there was a free trial period and more assistance options beyond just phone with limited hours or self-support options available. While we understand why Tab32 has been so successful, we hope these issues are addressed so additional people are attracted by its offerings.

3. DentiMax


  • Pricing is mostly clear.
  • includes toll-free help
  • Integration of X-ray sensors
  • winner of honours


  • Lack of mobile applications
  • There are fewer support days and hours.
  • Expensive
  • No trial offer

Many dental practise management systems aren’t full, and some need a 3rd party solution to handle dental x-rays. DentiMax offers a dental practise administration software system and an x-ray sensor for an extra fee.

Online training, toll-free phone assistance, and a Practice Stats Dashboard are highlights. We were less enthusiastic about the expensive price of each plan tier, the absence of mobile applications, and the lack of a free trial.

DentiMax gets much of this package right, but these problems prevent us from recommending it, which is too bad since the x-ray sensor is a positive.

4. Denticon


  • available webinars with video
  • Streamlined perio charting
  • team of internal business services
  • Advanced macro charting with pick lists


  • There is no option for help chat, just sales
  • Android mobile app missing
  • Unknown price
  • Only Windows 10
  • iOS application with a low rating

Denticon offers a dental practice management SaaS solution tailored to multispecialty practices with multiple physicians in various locations.

Some features include phone and a help site, though no hours are given. No plan levels, perks or price structure have been disclosed. The programme can only run on Windows 10 systems with Edge or Chrome running – making it less limited than typical SaaS services. Unfortunately, no Android app is available and the iOS app hasn’t been updated since 2017.

Denticon’s benefits may justify it, but its flaws need work.

5. Dental Intelligence


  • Optional assistance techniques
  • mobile applications that are accessible
  • Data analysis in real time
  • Modest pricing


  • Expensive
  • startup costs
  • No money back if you cancel
  • default auto-renewal

Cloud-based dental practice management software Dental Intelligence stands out among other solutions in this sector, offering real-time data analysis to optimize revenue. Features like automating follow-up visits for maximum profitability are just some of the capabilities this tool offers. Furthermore, its ‘Morning Huddle’ function provides each team member with a daily strategy and performance tracking keep everyone accountable.

Unfortunately, our review of this smartphone application is lacking due to its opaque pricing, high initial expenses and difficult-to-cancel auto-renewing contract. Furthermore, there are no app store reviews available on any of the smartphones.

Dental Software

6. Mogo Cloud


  • Free trial
  • Cloud-based Microsoft Azure
  • Billing statements may be printed or sent through email.
  • Deals with eClaims


  • limited hours of assistance
  • no mobile applications
  • clumsy process
  • Accident reports

Mogo Cloud is Microsoft Azure’s cloud-based dental practice management software. We appreciate that patients can provide their medical history online prior to their appointment, as well as its automatic appointment eReminders.

Direct phone support and free chat are provided, though neither are included. The single-tier plan requires an upfront payment; however, cost details for larger practices with multiple locations are unavailable. Mogo cloud works only on Windows PCs; unfortunately there are no smartphone applications available.

Mogo Cloud has proven more capable than some competitors, yet still needs further improvement to become truly dominant.

7. MaxiDent


  • electronic enrolment
  • Color-coded appointment calendar per service provider
  • Electronically submit digital radiography
  • patient recalls with electronic means


  • few alternatives and support hours
  • No mobile applications
  • incline learning curve
  • Absence of in-person onboarding

Maxident has decades of experience in dental practice management software. It features a stunning user interface with color-coded appointment management, online onboarding, and automated front office tasks like email or SMS appointment confirmations.

We’re dismayed by the opaque pricing, lack of customer support hours and absence of smartphone applications for any platform. While we don’t appreciate additional expenses such as the one-time digital xray signup fee, this is offset by the ability to submit images for insurance preapprovals.

Maxident is a good solution that can serve certain needs, but could be enhanced.

8. Dentrix Ascend


  • No obligations of a lifetime
  • Support for toll-free phones
  • Self-reservation of appointments
  • Creating walkout statements quickly


  • Unknown price
  • only on weekdays and during limited hours for assistance
  • No trial offer
  • not enough mobile applications

Dentrix Ascend is a cloud-based dental practice software. While its advantages appear to outweigh its drawbacks, phone support is only available during weekdays.

Other features, such as quick checkout and practice analysis are impressive; however the lack of price information on the website necessitates corporate contact and it appears to be expensive. We appreciate that there’s no contract commitment and pay-by-the-month plan for flexibility; however it’s disappointing that they don’t provide mobile applications anymore (as many competitors do). Instead, users are advised to access the program on an iPad through a browser instead.

Overall, Dentrix Ascend is a formidable solution.

9. iDentalSoft


  • selection of a support strategy
  • Improvements in credit card processing
  • dependable patient portal
  • automated reminders for patients


  • Unknown price
  • no mobile applications
  • No trial offer
  • No refunds for cancelled partial months
  • There is no toll-free helpline.
  • missing customer service channels, such as chat

iDentalSoft boasts several useful features, such as a patient portal with bill pay, automated patient reminders and credit card processing.

This software initially starts off well, but then takes an unfortunate turn. Help hours are limited and there’s no chat, onboarding videos or support forum available. We lack mobile applications on this software. While the free demo is nice, there’s no free trial offered. Furthermore, lack of pricing clarity including monthly price, cost to move data from another platform and plan tiers are major deterrents for us.

All this points to impressive prospects for this category.

10. Dovetail


  • utilise on an iPad
  • using voice to text to chart
  • creating unique templates
  • appointment confirmation by text


  • The cost is unclear
  • too costly
  • There is a dearth of support for mobile apps.
  • Additional e-prescribe subscription requirements

Dovetail is a dental office management application created by dentists for dentists. Features like taking notes with voice commands and text messaging appointment confirmations make Dovetail an invaluable asset to any practice.

Once we remove the layers, however, there are still issues to contend with. We cannot get past the lack of mobile applications and doubt consumers would believe “Optimized for iPad” means their browser is actually optimized for iPad. Furthermore, Dovetail’s e-prescribing plug-in costs extra and thus is not recommended.

Which dental practise management programme is the most suitable for you?

Consider your requirements before downloading dental practise management software. Budget software may only provide basic possibilities, so if you need sophisticated features, a more costly platform may be more useful. Higher-end software can generally meet every demand, so know which features you need from your dental practise management software.

how we evaluated the most effective dental office management programme?

To find the finest dental practise management software, we created an account with the appropriate platform and evaluated the service for numerous purposes and scenarios. The goal was to test each practise management platform’s basic and advanced functionalities.

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