Halo Flight: Transforming Lives with Emergency Air Ambulance Service

Halo Flight is a nonprofit air ambulance service in South Texas that provides patients with emergency care regardless of financial ability. Since 1987 they have completed over 22,000 missions making an impact on patient their families and the community at large.

Halo flight: About

Interfacility transfers and pre-hospital scene flights are among the missions. Interfacility transfers happen when a patient needs a higher level of care than what the facility can offer. This can include situations like serious burns and other conditions where an air ambulance evacuation is deemed necessary. Pre-hospital scene flights require first responders and HALO-Flight to work together to get critically ill or injured people to a hospital.

Halo flight
Halo flight

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Halo flight educators

HALO-Flight educators travel across the 26-county service region in South Texas, covering over 28,000 square miles, to conduct comprehensive education courses focused on acute and critical care for pre-hospital crews of all levels in order to prepare for the unexpected. The 2021 EMS Educator Award was granted to HALO-instructors Flight by the Texas Department of State Health Services as a testimonial to the impact their service has on South Texas communities and the EMS System as a whole.

Halo flight

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HALO-Flight is committed to delivering emergency transportation and critical care services when they are required most, in cooperation with local healthcare experts and first responders.

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Haloflight organizes annual events with the aim of advancing their mission to save more lives. You can participate as a guest, sponsor, or volunteer to express your backing for Haloflight!


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