How to get a free Fire V badge Code in 2024?

Free Fire V Badge codes are reserved exclusively for participants of major events or members of Garena’s partner program – giving players an exclusive way to demonstrate their status as professional players or content developers in Free Fire. Show it off proudly with this verified (V) badge!

Due to these and other reasons, few Free Fire players bother pursuing the V Badge. Since not every player can join Garena’s partner program or become professional players, here is our secret code that will get them that badge without spending one cent!

Yes. A V Badge may be earned without participating in any major event, and for more tips and advice read through this thread until its conclusion.

Access Code For Free Fire V Badge Code

It’s not easy to join Garena’s partner programme unless you have millions of YouTube followers, which is why so many Final Fantasy players look for methods to include the V Badge symbol in their profile or custom room name.

How to get a free Fire V badge Code in 2024?

As part of Garena’s partner programme, we provide an easy way for you to join without straining your brain: the V Badge symbol code! Don’t know how you’ll implement that confirmed emblem on FF? No worries: our manual makes things clear!

  • Get underway by starting Free Fire on your mobile device.
  • To edit your profile, to do so simply choose your picture at the upper left of this page and edit.
  • To edit, use the pencil icon (see video below).
  • Clicking this will open a new window where you can share your feelings in the “I Love You Free Fire” signature section.
  • To earn the Free Fire V badge, just copy and paste this code: [b][c][ffd319]V[i][FF0000]. When entering it into the Signature field.
  • Once your information has been pasted in, click “OK” before returning to your profile page.
  • Now the Final Fantasy V Badge icon should appear on your profile.

In Free Fire, what does V Badge mean?

As with the blue checkmarks on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, the V Badge in Free Fireworks serves a similar function – people will immediately assume you’re an elite player if your Free Fire profile includes such a badge.

Garena only awards this badge to gamers that participate in partner programs or content production teams, attend Garena LAN events or other significant competitions.

What You Need to Do to Earn Your V Badge in Free Fire

Garena announced when the Free Fire Ob25 update was unveiled that all content producers participating in its Garena Partner programme would receive an in-game badge as compensation.

Their official statement reads as follows:

Joining the Fire Partner Program is now free, making in-game partners easily identifiable through their distinct emblem. Find them and use your best emoticons when talking with them!

Joining the Garena Partner Program may seem complex. Yes, certain conditions must be fulfilled to join Garena Free Fire’s Partner Program:

  • Your YouTube channel needs at least 1 Million subscribers for success.
  • Your YouTube channel must have garnered at least 300,000 views in the past 30 days and at least 80% of these must have come from Free Fire content.
  • No matter if you meet all requirements for admission into the Garena Partner program, however, as there are only limited spots available and meeting them does not guarantee success.
  • Once you join the Garena Partner Program, you will enjoy its benefits:

Restitution in the Form of Diamonds

  • Custom Room Cards.
  • Diamonds
  • Financial Compensation
  • Official invitation to the tournament event-exclusive merchandise and more.

And all it takes to add the Free Fire V Badge Code in 2024 to your website is one line of code! Voila: all set! Just copy-paste one into your webpage for 2024 tournament invitation and event specific items swag/goodie bags/items of value to you and add this feature!

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