Rocket Jump Ninja Launches Official Mousepad: Xtrfy GPZ1-Zy’s Damage

Rocket jump ninja: We are excited to announce our partnership with Rocket Jump for the Xtrfy GPZ1-Zy Damage mousepad. This collaboration follows the success of two editions of our MZ1 mouse

Rocket jump ninja: About

After the success of Zy’s MZ1 and White Rail gaming mice, Rocket JumpNinja and Xtrfy have joined forces to create a mousepad designed with the same philosophy: what works best for your aim. After months of testing, one surface stood out as helping Zy increase his damage in-game consistently.

Rocket jump ninja

Finding the ideal mousepad can be challenging with so many choices available to us. After reading reviews and discovering several solid options, I spent months testing various materials in search of something truly exceptional – eventually discovering one surface which stood out.

Unbeknownst to me, each game played with this pad increased my damage exponentially. It offers an intriguing combination of control and speed – acting like a control pad when moving slowly but switching into speed pad mode when speeding up quickly – much like physical mouse acceleration with constant crosshair movement – making this device one of my favorites so far!


What is Rocket Jump Ninja main mouse?

XTRFY MZ1 Zy’s Rail Gaming Mouse with Custom RGB, Unique Shape, Ultimate Aim and State-of-the Art Components in Black/Transparent (MZ1-RGB-BLACK-TP).

What sensitivity does Rocket Ninja use?

These days, I’m using 0.82 sensitivity at 1600 DPI. You can test to see if the movement is smoother with higher DPI; I’ve done some tests in the past regarding this subject.


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