Rocket jump ninja: Mousepad Officially Launched By Ninjas

Rocket jump ninja: We’re delighted to announce a brand new mousepad in partnership with RocketJump the Xtrfy GPZ1-Zy’s Damage, after two editions of the MZ1 mouse.

Rocket jump ninja

Rocket jump ninja: About

Following the success of the MZ1 – Zy’s Rail and White Rail gaming mice, Zy “RocketJump and Xtrfy have collaborated to create a mousepad based on the same philosophy as Rocket JumpNinja’s distinctive mouse shapes: what’s best for your aim? After months of testing, one surface stood out as improving Zy’s damage in-game regularly.

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“There have never been more mousepads on the market, and it’s never been more difficult to find the correct one for you.” I’ve done a lot of reviews and found some really good ones, but I spent months trying out new materials since I wanted to discover something unique. After some time, I discovered a surface that was distinct from the others.

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I wasn’t even thinking about the substance when I discovered that each game I played with that pad, my damage was significantly higher. It has this really fascinating mix of control and speed, where it behaves as a control pad when you go slowly and as a speed pad when you move quickly. It’s like a materialized form of mouse acceleration, but with a constant pace of crosshair movement. So far, this is my favorite! “

What is Rocket Jump Ninja main mouse?

XTRFY MZ1 Zy’s Rail – Rocket Jump Ninja-designed ultra-lightweight gaming mouse with custom RGB, unique shape, ultimate aim, and state-of-the-art components – black/transparent (MZ1-RGB-BLACK-TP)

What sensitivity does rocket jump ninja use?

These days, I’m using 0.82 sensitivity @ 1600 DPI. You can run tests to check if the movement is smoother at higher DPI; I’ve done a couple of movies on the subject in the past.
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What mouse pad does rocket jump ninja use?

We’re delighted to announce a brand new mousepad in partnership with Rocket Jump Ninja, the Xtrfy GPZ1 – Zy’s Damage, after two editions of the MZ1 mouse.


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