Ichor Terraria, How to Collect Ichor (April 2024)

Ichor terraria: Ichor is a golden, ethereal liquid known as the “blood of the gods” in Greek mythology. This hardmode crafting item can only be found within two biomes: Crimson Underground Desert Biome and Underground Crimson Biome.

Golden Shower, Ichor Dart, Living Ichor Block and other products can be made from it. Tainted Ghouls and Ichor Sticker Mobs drop Ichor which can be found in the Hematic Crate or dropped by Tainted Ghouls and Ichor Sticker Mobs. Ichor is used in weapons like Ichor Arrows or Ichor Bullet to reduce victims protective characteristics therefore it could even be used for farming since ichor does not burn in lava.

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Ichor terraria
Ichor terraria

In Terraria, how do you get Ichor?

Since Ichor can only be obtained in the Crimson Underground and Crimson Underground Desert biomes, these must be present in your world. You can set up farms within these biomes that do not require players to interact in order to harvest Ichor; this is by far the most efficient way of collecting Ichor; you will likely end up with hundreds of them quickly.

Ichor terraria

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As shown in the image, you can erect a pyramid construction to protect yourself from monsters climbing up and falling into a lava pit. An overhang is provided to stop mobs from jumping to one side and hitting their skulls. Sit in a pool of honey as protection against the Floaty Gross Mob.

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Please re-roll your accessories if you’ve had a lot of damage like this. The goal of this farm is to draw mobs to the center and then lava them to death.

In Terraria, AFK farming for ichor

Set up AFK Farms, or Farms that don’t need player interaction, in the Underground Crimson and Crimson Underground Desert Biomes for the fastest way to acquire Ichor. With minimal effort required, this is by far the most efficient method for gathering this resource; with little work you will soon have hundreds of Ichor. Mobs may climb up that pyramid-shaped building (as shown above) before falling into its lava pit.

The overhang is there to prevent Mobs from jumping to the opposite side and hitting their heads against it, leading to a quick fall into a pool of honey. If you want to avoid these sticky gross mobs, sit in a pool of honey instead and reroll accessories if you sustain significant damage as a result. This farm works by drawing mobs inside where they are then suffocated by lava.

Construct a synthetic biome

If your world does not already contain the Crimson Underground and Crimson Underground Desert Biomes, you can create them artificially by adding a Caverns Layer Jungle Biome and using Cavern Slayer Crimson blocks to construct the desired habitat. While this method yields many Ichor, it could be more challenging for players to comprehend.


Lava on Ichor Stickers may be used as a means to collect Ichor as it does not burn up in it. This implies that lava-producing regions may be used as natural traps for Ichor farming.

Players can get Ichor if they build a fake Underground Crimson in a world with Corruption. Simply bringing it from another planet could be the answer. Since the 1.4 release, getting Ichor in a corrupt world is feasible without having to create another one. In order to achieve this, one must purchase Crimson Seeds from the Dryad in Hardmode while inside of a Graveyard, and then they must be allowed to germinate underground in order to build an artificial Underground Crimson biome that opens up entrance to Ichor.

Hematic Crates may provide a little quantity of Ichor if one wants to fish for a long period.

Ichor is a useful crafting ingredient even in the endgame, therefore it should be collected as much as you can. Making Ichor Arrows, which almost doubles the selling price, is definitely the greatest sales strategy if you really have a surplus.

Between-Worlds Exchange of Items

If you had amassed Ichor in an ancient world, you might also get Ichor from it. If the Biomes exist there, you may likewise use the previous procedures in the old world.

This article served as a Terraria Ichor obtaining guide. This should have aided you in carrying out the same.

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