Terraria Vampire Knives: How to Get Vampire Knives?

In Terraria, the Vampire Knives are a throwable melee weapon that, upon hitting an adversary, heals the player. Because of its rapid usage time, reasonable damage, and low knockback, this post-Plantera Harmode weapon is indispensable for dealing with a wide variety of enemies.

How to Get Terraria Vampire Knives?

In Crimson Worlds, players can get Vampire Knives from Crimson Chests in the Dungeon area. To open the Crimson Chest, players need Crimson Keys, which are a hardmode item that can be gotten by killing mobs in the Crimson biome.

Terraria Vampire Knives

There is a 0.04% chance that an enemy in the Crimson biome will drop a Crimson Key. Getting the key is hard, but once you have it, there is a 100% chance that the Vampire Knives will be in the Crimson Chest.

Steps to Get Terraria Vampire Knives

This guide will show you an easy way to get the Vampire Knives and all the items and steps you need to get them.

Among these are:

  • putting together a Crimson World and getting into the Dungeon
  • Entering the dungeon that isn’t hard mode and finding the Crimson Chest
  • Quickly making a Crimson world and turning on Hardmode
  • Looking for the Red Key on the Farm (or Key Mold, depending on version)
  • Getting rid of Plantera and the Machine Bosses
  • Going back to the dungeon that isn’t hard mode and taking the Crimson Chest
  • There are differences in how 1.2 updates and 1.3 updates are set up.

Best Mods for Vampire Knives

The Godly or Demonic are the two strongest modifiers that players can utilize to boost the base damage of their Vampire Knives. In addition, the healing potential of the Vampire Knives rises after a base damage increase.

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