Orokin Catalyst: A Roadmap to 2024 Warframe’s Orokin Catalyst

Warframe Orokin Catalysts continue to be one of the most expensive materials in Warframe, as anyone who is perpetually low on blue potatoes can attest. This is because it is the only item in the game that can supercharge all of your weapons to twice their mod capacity, regardless of kind (yes, even Arch-guns, Arch-melee, and Sentinel weapons)! Following this technique, you should have no trouble acquiring one of these, as the grind for them is much easier than for other materials in the game.

If you want an Orokin catalyst, where do you go to purchase one? You can acquire an Orokin Catalyst in 2023 Warframe in a few different ways. Some are easy to understand, while others are more challenging. Let’s begin with the simplest approaches and work our way up to the more time-consuming and challenging ones.

Orokin Catalyst

Taken from the Fomori sabotage alert

The Fomorian Sabotage warning is a tough mission, but it’s also a reliable way to gain constructed Orokin Crystals, much like the Razorback Armada operation.

To complete this urgent task, you will need to fly into the Fomorian using your Archwings. The Fomorian will be vulnerable to player damage for 30–40 seconds after entering, thus you or a member of your squad should use the Fomorian Disruptor as soon as possible. You should also aim for and destroy the 16 massive power nodes on the core during this time to maximise your damage to the Fomorian’s power core. Why? Because the mission rewards consist of 1 constructed Orokin Catalyst and 200,000 credits if the power core is damaged by 1 million points or more.

If you’re going it alone, the Fomorian Sabotage assignment will take you anywhere from 5 minutes to 15 minutes to complete, but if you’re working with a group, you should be able to finish it in 3 to 5 minutes.

Complete the invasion missions on the Grineer side to get to 100% construction and unlock the invasion, unlike the Razorback Armada invasion task. After that, a task node labelled “Fomorian Sabotage” will show up in your Star Chart menu.

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Source: Mission Razorback Armada

The Razorback Armada assignment is a good way to get constructed Orokin Catalysts if you enjoy a good challenge. Your mission in the Razorback Armada would be to eliminate the Razorback leader. In spite of appearances, this monster has a few tricks up his sleeve that will make your life difficult on your first few times through.

Keep in mind that the Razorback begins the boss fight completely unaffected by any attacks. To make the Razorback vulnerable to your Warframe, you must first hack the designated consoles to call forth a Bursa, and then hack the Bursa to become your buddy. The next step is to defeat the Razorback three or four times. Of course, with a squad, you can finish each run much more quickly (in the range of 3–5 minutes), but if you have the correct equipment, you can finish each run in about the same amount of time. per run time of 5-10 minutes Three successful completions of this assignment will net you 1 constructed Orokin Catalyst and 200k credits.

You must finish all Invasion objectives from the Corpus side to unlock the Razorback Armada mission. The Lotus will then send a message warning of the Razorback threat and provide a Razorback Cipher Blueprint necessary to enter the node and initiate the mission.

Spend 20 pieces of Platinum at the Market

There is no more complexity than meets the eye with this approach. The in-game market will sell you one constructed Orokin Catalyst for just 20 platinum.

Ain’t got no platinum? You need not worry. Warframe has a reputation for being grindy, but there are lots of free-to-play friendly methods that we’ll dive into straight immediately.

Orokin Catalyst Blueprints

Finally, you can construct an Orokin Catalyst by following a design and merging various components. The following resources can provide you with plans for an Orokin Catalyst:

  • Sortie missions
  • Daily Tribute
  • Upon completion of the Stolen Dreams quest
  • Gift of The Lotus
  • Some Tactical Alert rewards
  • And rarely from Invasion battles/missions

Once you have a plan, you can use these materials to build an Orokin Catalyst:

  • 1x Control Module
  • 1x Gallium
  • 1x Morphics
  • 1x Orokin Cell
  • 25,500 Credits

The blueprints approach is not the simplest option because it takes more time to harvest your delicious blue potato. But if you’re too early in the game to take on the bosses and tasks we discussed before by yourself, they can be a good backup plan.

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If you read the information about the “Orokin Catalyst” here, you should understand the situation much better. We’d love to hear your ideas and answer any questions you might have in the space below. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you think you need it.

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