How to Get the Stropha Warframe Build New Way (April 2024)

Warframe recently received the Deadlock Protocol update that added Stropha as an all-new Gunblade weapon. But in order to build it, you need the blueprint. Only after having obtained this blueprint can you acquire raw materials necessary for construction from scratch. So how exactly can you acquire the blueprint and what steps must be taken once you have it? Let’s find out in this article!

Now for your plan: you must defeat Jackal at Fossa node on Venus. Once done, you will acquire blueprints for Stropha from Granum Void which contain information necessary for harvesting Barrel, Blade, Receiver and Stock from there. So let’s explore how to get there and grab these stropha items using the method outlined below.

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How to Get the Stropha Warframe Build New Way

How to Get the Stropha in Warframe?

As previously noted, you need to harvest some items from the Granum Void. But how do you get there? Play a mission in Corpus Ship tileset and fight off an enemy Treasurer. Defeat them and you will earn Granum Crowns which must then be used at the Golden Hand tribute within Corpus Ship tileset; using three varieties of Granum crowns will lead you down different pathways towards Granum Void emptiness.

The Granum Crown allows entry to the Granum Void. The Exemplar Granum Crown allows access to Extended Granum Void, while Zenith Granum Crown unlocks Nightmare Granum Void. All three crowns must be used together as pieces for Stropha are scattered throughout each version of Granum Void.

On the Granum Void challenge with rotation C, you may receive the Barrel and Blade necessary for creating the Stropha. On the Receiver side, there is the Extended Granum Void challenge with rotation C as well. Finally, for Stock of the Stropha you have Nightmare Granum Void again with rotation C. To unlock all tasks and collect raw ingredients needed for crafting the stropha you must collect each crown individually.

The Granum crown can be grown in Fossa on Venus. Similarly, the Exemplar Granum crown may be farmed at Trition on Neptune and Zenith Granum at Oceanum on Pluto. These crowns are not exclusive to certain players; you may create a team and use one crown to take everyone along with you; no need for four of each kind! If your team is harvesting stropha together, everyone could lend a helping hand with crafting together.

Once you have all of the components from various Granum Voids, it is time to head over to the Foundry and begin crafting!

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