How to Get the Stropha Warframe Build New Way February 2023

Warframe includes an all-new Gunblade weapon with the Deadlock Protocol update. It is named Stropha. But to obtain this weapon, you need to first construct it. And for that, you first need to get the blueprint for the weapon. Only when you obtain the blueprint can you acquire the raw materials necessary to create this weapon from scratch. So how precisely can you acquire the blueprint for this weapon? And what do you need to do to receive the weapon when you have the blueprint? Let’s find out in this article.

Now for the plan, you will have to vanquish the Jackal at the Fossa node on Venus. Once you accomplish that you will acquire the blueprint for the Stropha, which will offer you information that you will have to harvest Barrel, Blade, Receiver, and Stock from the Granum Void. So let’s see how to travel to Granum Void and what you need to do there to grab the stropha for yourself in the method described below.

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How to Get the Stropha Warframe Build New Way

How to Get the Stropha in Warframe?

As noted above, you need to harvest a few things from the Granum Void. But how do you get there in the first place? For that, you will have required to play a mission in new Corpus Ship tileset. There you will confront the enemy Treasurer. Defeat them, and you will earn Granum Crowns. Then you have to take the crowns and utilize it at the Golden Hand tribute in the Corpus Ship tileset, which upon getting Granum crowns will reveal you the road to the Granum Void. There are three varieties of Granum crowns which will bring you to three distinct forms of Granum emptiness.

The Granum Crown will allow you entry to the Granum Void. Next, we have the Exemplar Granum Crown, which allows you entrance to the Extended Granum Void. Finally, we have the Zenith Granum crown which allows you entry to the Nightmare Granum Void. You will need all these crowns and travel to all the different forms of Granum void since the various pieces for the Stropha are strewn in these distinct versions of Granum void.

From the Granum Void challenge with rotation C, you may receive the Barrel and Blade necessary for the Stropha. Next for the Receiver, you have the Extended Granum void with rotation C. And lastly, for the Stock of the Stropha, you have the Nightmare Granum void with rotation C again. So you need to obtain all the various crowns to have access to all the tasks and then collect the raw ingredients for the stropha.

The Granum crown may be grown in Fossa on Venus. While the Exemplar Granum crown may be farmed at Trition on Neptune and the Zenith Granum crown can be farmed at Oceanum on pluto. These are not for particular players exclusively. You may establish a team and then use a single crown to take the full team along with you. You don’t need four crowns of each sort for everyone. It might be handy if a team is trying to harvest the stropha. They may all assist each other out in the crafting process.

Now that you have all the different components from the various Granum Voids, you can then travel to the Foundry and start the crafting process.

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