Victory Crown Fortnite: What does it mean and how to get it?

Victory Crown Fortnite: There’s a new component of Fortnite gameplay that provides benefits to battle royale winners: Victory Crown. Earning this crown requires taking significant risks. Winning matches in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 earns you one, making your more noticeable to other players and increasing the chance they try and eliminate you more readily.

Assuming you can survive and win wearing the Fortnite Crown Emote, if you wear it while winning you will unlock a rare Crowned Victory Royale accomplishment that indicates how many victories have been gained using it in Fortnite when worn. This guide will walk through everything there is to know about this victory crown as well as how it works.

What Is the Meaning of the Victory Crown?

Victory Crowns are new reward in Fortnite that only the greatest players receive; these crowns can be dropped and collected, like its name suggest. As long as you wear one during a game session more XP will be earned!

Victory Crown Fortnite

Obtaining The Victory Crown Is A Difficult Task.

To earn the Victory Crown, it doesn’t necessarily take winning every game; simply finishing in the top three will do. As an honor for your hard work and finish placement in one or more matches will see you wearing this crown in subsequent ones not only will other players likely recognize you because of its bright hue but doing so could appeal to many individuals because the idea of overthrowing an established leader can appeal greatly.

There are four major game modes in Total Carnage 2: Solo, Duo, Trio and Team each offering different victory crowns that can be earned via:

  • Solo: the best four players
  • Duo: the players in the two best duos
  • Trio: the players in the best trio
  • Team: the players in the best team

The victory trophies for the third season of Fortnite, explained

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 players who win a match receive a Victory Crown regardless of whether they competed alone, with partners, trios or squads.

Solos mode of the game awards the victor of each match with a Victory Crown; in all other game modes, however, this crown goes to their entire victorious team.

At first, victory crowns for Chapter 3 Season 1 competitions were distributed among soloists, duo/trio/Squad competition winners and top two teams in each category – however this changed over time to make winning a victory crown more challenging.
Fortnite offers you another way to capture victory crowns by robbing one of your opponents. When they leave the game, those holding onto Victory Crowns must drop them and the one who collects it becomes its new owner.

What it takes to get the Fortnite Crown Emoticon by winning a Crowned Victory Royale

Your victory royale will be marked as “Crowned” when you see a crown over #1 Victory Royale when victorious while wearing Fortnite Victory Crowns. In order to unlock Fortnite Crown Emote or Crowning Achievement the first time around, complete this goal and unlock Fortnite Crown Emote/Achievement successfully. Please keep in mind this emote is added directly into the menu so if it becomes cumbersome adding it each time just add it directly onto your locker’s emote wheel/achievement wheel!


On a positive note Victory Crown can be easily discarded if someone does not wish to keep them. After killing someone holding one and their item being dropped to another player after death you have the choice not to keep it yourself but if your goal is obtaining one this should not be used as an approach.

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