Victory Crown Fortnite: What does it mean and how to get it?

Victory Crown Fortnite: There is a new component of the gameplay in Fortnite that confers benefits on the victor of the battle royale, but if you want to earn the Victory Crown, you will have to take significant risks. When you win a match in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1, you will receive a Victory Crown. Wearing this crown will cause you to shine, making you more noticeable to other players and increasing the likelihood that they will want to eliminate you.

You will be able to use the Fortnite Crown Emote and obtain the rare Crowned Victory Royale accomplishment if you are able to survive and win while wearing the crown. The achievement will indicate the total number of victories you have accumulated in Fortnite when you use it. This guide will walk you through all there is to know about the Fortnite Victory Crown and how it functions.

What Is the Meaning of the Victory Crown?

Only the greatest players in each round are awarded the Victory Crown, a new reward in Fortnite. A drop-and-retrieve crown, as the name implies. The Llama is, of course, the star of the show. As long as you’re wearing the crown, you’ll receive more XP during the game.

Victory Crown Fortnite

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Obtaining The Victory Crown Is A Difficult Task.

In order to receive the Victory Crown, you don’t absolutely need to win a game. You only need to finish in the top three of a match to receive this prestigious honor. In your next match, you’ll be wearing the crown as a result of this accomplishment. In addition to the possibility that other players will recognize you by the brightness of your crown, you must be vigilant. The idea of removing the existing king from power appeals to many people.

There are four major game modes: Solo, Duo, Trio, and Team, each with their own set of victory crowns. Crowns can be earned in this way:

  • Solo: the best four players
  • Duo: the players in the two best duos
  • Trio: the players in the best trio
  • Team: the players in the best team

The victory trophies for the third season of Fortnite, explained

When a player wins a match in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1, they are awarded a Victory Crown. This is the same regardless of whether the player competed alone, with a partner, in a trio, or with a squad.

In the Solos mode of the game, the winner of the match is awarded a Victory Crown; however, in the other game modes, the Victory Crown is granted to the entire victorious team.

The first Victory Crowns for the Chapter 3 Season 1 competition were given out to the victors of the Solo and Duo/Trio/Squad competitions, as well as the top two teams in each category. This was altered after a brief period of time, making it significantly more challenging to get Victory Crowns.
You can also win a victory crown in Fortnite by robbing one of the other players. The owners of the Victory Crown are required to drop it when they are removed from the game, and whoever picks it up becomes the new owner.

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What it takes to get the Fortnite Crown Emoticon by winning a Crowned Victory Royale

You’ll know if you’ve achieved a Crowned Victory Royale by seeing a crown on top of #1 Victory Royale when you’re victorious in a match while wearing the Fortnite Victory Crown. To unlock the Fortnite Crown Emote, or Crowning Achievement, the first time you do this, you’ll need to complete the Crowning Achievement. Please note that this is an emote, therefore if you don’t want to constantly navigate through the menus to activate it, it’s best to add it to your emote wheel in your locker.


To conclude on a positive note, the Victory Crown can be thrown away if one does not choose to keep the item. This gives one the option to not keep the item. After a successful kill of the person holding the Victory Crown, it is possible that another player did not take up the item after the kill.

If you want to succeed in obtaining a Victory Crown, we strongly recommend that you do not rely on this technique.

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