Warframe Cross Progression 2024 Complete Guide

Warframe Cross Progression: Warframe may have started out as a game about space ninjas killing enemies in fairly small areas, but the game’s developer, Digital Extremes, is constantly changing it. The new locations, Warframes, and whole new gameplay options are now available in the game.

Fans have been asking for cross-play and cross-save functionality. The good news is that cross-play is finally here, and we also have a small update on Warframe cross-save. Here’s what we know about Warframe cross-play and cross-save, thanks to Digital Extremes.

Warframe Cross Progression

Does Warframe have cross-progression saving?

Warframe does not currently support cross-progress save, although the game’s developer, Digital Extreme, is working on implementing this feature. It is currently the top priority to crossplay.

This will allow the users of various platforms to play the other. The beta version of the feature was released in September for PC and Xbox gamers, while the second beta version was released in October. Afterwards, they’ll begin developing cross-save functionality, which will allow players to save their progress on different consoles.

The developer hasn’t even given players a timeframe of when crossplay is expected to be fully integrated, users are expected to wait an extended time before they can determine how their game progress can remain on servers. Those players who have been holding out for a new platform will have to be patient for a little while longer.


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