How to Get Mirage in Warframe Hidden Messages July 2024

One of the most awe-inspiring characters recently introduced in Digital Extremes’ popular free-to-play online multiplayer, Warframe, is Mirage in Warframe Hidden Messages. She debuted as one of the biggest updates yet — Update 14 — and quickly earned herself a place among legends for creating copies of herself that cause great destruction among enemies. Moreover, Mirage can reflect light with mirrors to blind and disorient her foes.warframe hidden messages

How to Get Mirage in Warframe?

Gain access to Mirage by completing the Hidden Object quest in Warframe. We’ve created a guide that will assist you with this endeavor.

What exactly are we waiting for? Read on and discover how to identify this remarkable new personality in the sport.

How to Get Mirage in Warframe Hidden Messages

Completing the Hidden quest in Warframe

In order to take part in the Hidden Messages pursuit in the game, you have to have finished the Pluto/Sedna Junction first. Following that, you’ll have the ability to begin the pursuit from the Codex. In order to find out about the nodes you need to see, you’ll need to address these riddles.

Plenty of players have difficulty solving these riddles since they have more to do with real world lore and mythology compared to the game itself. Do not worry, since you’ll find the riddles and their answers given below in our manual.

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The Initial Riddle

  • To rekindle the one wielding dream
  • Ancient religions so unkind, once dominated out of high
  • Would you name their summit where the property meets the sky?
  • You, Will, Need to take an Exterminate pursuit against the Infested.

The Secondly Riddle

  • Find the nymph who staged so pretty.
  • She enticed him in with her tune and grin,
  • His spouse should have thought it a shame.
  • You, Will, Need to take a Survival assignment against the Infested.

Next Riddle

  • Another action before your prize is captured.
  • An early sea monster, have a whirl or maybe not?
  • Create a mistake, and you are sunk. Nothing more.
  • You, Will, Need to take a Sabotage pursuit against the Infested.

Building Mirage in Warframe

Once you reach each location, Mirage’s blueprints can be obtained once you complete its quests. As with most others in the game, these quests primarily serve to showcase lore and are relatively straightforward. Unfortunately, the primary Mirage blueprint isn’t given away after completing all quests; thus, you must purchase it using credits in the marketplace.

  • After collecting all of the bits, you Will Have the Ability to construct Mirage in your Foundry with the Assistance of the following sources:


  • 1 Neurode
  • 1 Orokin Cell
  • 250 Alloy Plate
  • 400 Polymer Bundle
  • 15000 Credits


  • 1 Gallium
  • 1 Orokin Cell
  • 450 Plastids
  • 2500 Ferrite
  • 15000 Credits
  • 1 Control Module
  • 1 Orokin Cell
  • 250 Circuits
  • 650 Polymer Bundle
  • 15000 Credits

All elements listed require 12 hours to construct, but you can do so simultaneously. When they’re all completed, combine them with the primary blueprint for Mirage so you have three times as much building material! In case of theft, use Waframe’s premium currency – Platinum – to bypass those building times.


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