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How Do You Quickly Farm Ayatan sculpture In Warframe 2023


Ten Ayatan sculpture Treasures can be found in Warframe. Not only are these tradeable objects useful for earning Endo from Maroo, but they may also be sold and upgraded with Ayatan Stars. Don’t fret if you’re having difficulty locating Ayatan Sculptures; we have your back.

In Warframe, where can you locate Ayatan Sculptures?

  • Ayatan Sculptures may be found throughout every mission.
  • On your map, there is a 1/7 possibility of finding a sculpture.
  • Use a Limbo build with the Range mod maxed up to discover sculptures more easily and quickly. Limbo’s Cataclysm may demolish anything on the map that is destructible, making it simpler to locate any AyatanSculptures or Ayatan Stars.
  • Shorter maps, such as Mariana and Earth, are recommended.
How Do You Quickly Farm Ayatan sculpture In Warframe 2022

Mods like Master Thief and Scavenge boost the likelihood of Ayatan Stars appearing on your map. Loot radars such as Loot Detector, Thief’s Wit, and Animal Instinct may assist you in finding Ayatan Stars and Sculptures. Sculptures are labeled like regular containers, however Ayatan Stars have their own symbol.

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Ayatan Treasure Hunt with Maroo every week

The quickest method to discover these sculptures is to complete Maroo’s weekly objective in Warframe. You’ll be able to observe this weekly Ayatan Treasure Hunt if you’ve finished the Stolen Dreams quest. The task is simple, and the aim is to locate the treasure. This quest can only be completed once every week, and it resets every Monday.

The Anasa, Hemakara, Kitah, and Zambuka Ayatan Sculptures are not available via Maroo’s challenge.

Arbitration is the fastest method to get AyatanSculptures. These assignments are very tough to accomplish, but you have a good chance of obtaining AyatanSculptures if you succeed. To get access to the Arbitrations missions, you must first clear the whole star chart.


Finally, you may always trade with other players in order to get Ayatan Sculptures.

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