Moonlight Butterfly Soul technique and how to get the Watchtower

Moonlight Butterfly Soul is one of Dark Souls’ numerous optional bosses, which you may find while exploring Darkroot Garden.

The Moonlight Butterfly isn’t a major danger in Darkroot Garden, even if you are vulnerable to some of its attacks. Moonlight Butterfly spends a lot of her time in the skies, therefore it might be a difficult battle for those who haven’t packed a ranged weapon. This adversary also spams a lot of Magic attacks, so bring your strongest magical defensive shield with you when you go in.

Moonlight Butterfly Soul technique and how to get the Watchtower

The boss strategy for Moonlight butterfly soul

Once inside, however, you may find fewer options than anticipated. Since the arena is one long straight line, there is nowhere to hide and could potentially become a problem if caught in the path of Moonlight Butterfly’s most devastating strike: a laserbeam.

You’ll know when the butterfly is going to launch its beam attack because of its long windup. To ensure you survive through the remainder of this battle, attempt to avoid or block as much magical damage as possible.

Melee characters may find this encounter more challenging, as you must wait a long time for the Moonlight Butterfly to land and sit still, taking some damage in the process. Be careful though; it could charge up another attack while you’re attacking it! If it flies away, we suggest using sorcery, pyromancy or bow as they all cause significant harm.

Moonlight butterfly soul

Now that the monster is up in the air, it can choose to attack with either a homing magical blast or “darts” shooting out in all directions. When facing off against a homing attack, we recommend rolling away from its path; however, when facing off against an “art” assault, simply hold your shield up and take all of the damage.

Another thing to remember when playing a light build is the arena- if you’re using dodge rolls for attacks such as homing missiles or darts, it should not be impossible to avoid if you position yourself correctly near the edge when they charge up – something highly-poise builds should definitely do in order not to tank those hits.

Moonlight Butterfly isn’t particularly difficult to defeat; just make sure your ranged options are available and you should be able to do so quickly. The majority of the battle requires patience above all else, even if you’re having issues with its narrow melee attack window.

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