Moonlight Butterfly Soul technique and how to get the Watchtower

Moonlight Butterfly Soul is one of Dark Souls’ numerous optional bosses, which you may find while exploring Darkroot Garden.

The Moonlight Butterfly isn’t a major danger in Darkroot Garden, even if you are vulnerable to some of its attacks. Moonlight Butterfly spends a lot of her time in the skies, therefore it might be a difficult battle for those who haven’t packed a ranged weapon. This adversary also spams a lot of Magic attacks, so bring your strongest magical defensive shield with you when you go in.

Moonlight Butterfly Soul technique and how to get the Watchtower

The boss strategy for Moonlight butterfly soul

Right, as soon as you go in, you’ll see that you may not have as many alternatives as you expected. Because the arena is one long straight line, there is nowhere to hide, which might be a problem if you get caught in the path of the Moonlight Butterfly’s most powerful strike, a straight up laserbeam.

You’ll know when the butterfly is conducting the beam attack since it has a very lengthy windup, so you won’t miss it. If you’re locked in it, strive to avoid or block as much magical damage as you can to guarantee that you make it through the remainder of the battle.

Next, melee characters may find this encounter to be a little more difficult, simply because you’ll have to wait a long time for the Moonlight Butterfly to land, sit still, and suffer some damage- but careful, as it might charge up another attack while you’re wailing on it. If it flies away, we suggest using sorcery, pyromancy, or a bow, since they may all cause substantial damage.

Moonlight butterfly soul

Now that the monster is up in the air again, it will strike with one of two options: a homing magical blast or “darts” that shoot out in all directions. When it comes to the homing attack, we suggest rolling out of the path, but when it comes to the “dart” assault, you’ll want to simply hold your shield up and take the brunt of the damage.

Another thing to remember is the arena- if you’re playing a light build, you’ll want to make sure you know the invincibility frames of your dodge roll to the side of the homing missile attack or the darts, which, while difficult, should not be impossible to avoid if you position yourself correctly to the edge as the attack charges up, which you should definitely be doing if you don’t want to tank those hits as a high-poise build.

There isn’t much to the Moonlight Butterfly, and it isn’t very tough; just make sure you have your ranged choices available, and you should be able to defeat it in no time. The bulk of the battle is a test of patience above anything else, even if you’re having problems with the narrow melee attack window.

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