Destiny 2 :How to complete the monster Pit of Heresy

Pit of Heresy in Destiny 2 : Although only two weeks old, Destiny 2’s Pit of Heretical Dungeon can be conquered quickly by any Guardian with the right equipment and knowledge. Many consider Prophecy to be one of Destiny’s most challenging dungeons; pitting players against dozens of opponents in a claustrophobic arena with little cover. With Prophecy behind you, what awaits is just ahead?

Players venturing into Destiny 2’s first dungeon were met with numerous traps and terrifying bosses. One streamer named Gladd assembled a fire team in order to defeat Zulmak – the last boss of the dungeon – without damaging him.

How to start Destiny 2 Pit of Heresy

Pit of Heresy’s first dungeon shares many similarities to Trap Labyrinth from Pit of Heretics, yet is more rational and engaging overall. Destiny 2’s dungeons offer less mechanical complexity while raids are easier to manage in a three-player environment. While raids should only be attempted by dedicated players with advanced gaming skills – no other PvE activity requires such mastery except Solo Grandmasters and Nightfall – dungeons require mastery that no other PvE activity requires except Solo Grandmasters and Nightfall.

How to complete the monster Pit of Heresy in Destiny 2

Destiny 2’s third encounter, Pit of Heresy, provides a guide to its waves, defense activities and debilitating mechanisms. Here you’ll find everything you need to enter this dungeon and overcome its four meetings with disciples. Be warned: this encounter has numerous hazards along the way.

First encounter

How to complete the monster Pit of Heresy in Destiny 2

In the initial area, several towers are constructed towards a mountain. Each building bears a runic at its top which can guide you to your first encounter. To locate it, you must descend down from the first tower by falling down its cliff face. Once found, each encounter corresponds to one of these runes and utilizes relics as weapons against enemies while providing unique interaction.

Find the correct tower and send its inhabitants away. You must kill several enemies to gain access to the room with the knight. Whoever defeats the knight will receive a relic as well as an opportunity to look at three runes. Take note of these runes and continue your journey by writing down any further instruction you receive.

Once the Enemy Image Wizard releases damage-causing projectiles ( If their cry deflects their shots and no room is available then melee swords can be wielded by the knight). Once all three towers based on runes have been completed, an exit will open and reveal a chest inside.

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Second Encounter

Gather your items and continue onward until you come upon a wall with multiple doors. Ignore all of the other entrances by looking for an opening in the wall on your right – that will allow you to pass through and enter a dimly lit room.

Be alert as two unstoppable ogres charge through the wide tunnel, so be wary. There are hidden tunnels with small beehive membranes which can be destroyed with a few shots if you know where they’re hidden. To escape, navigate these passages and eliminate the Hive Knight you came across.

Killing the knights will release an empty sphere. Dunk it into a vessel behind three doors protecting ogres, then finish by killing all three and depositing their bullets behind each door for your next challenge! Once all are dead and your bullets deposited behind their guardrails, the next level begins!

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Third Encounter

Destiny 2’s third encounter, Pit of Heresy, symbolizes resistance against waves of defense activities and weakening mechanisms. A large wall stands guard over six beehive runes in the center of the room as if to shield them from external attack.

Your mission is to defeat them all. Similar to the last encounter, you must deposit Void Orb containers against the door in order to block it off from Hive Knights. However, each time you do so, you get hit with a debuff spell; each team receives one until one team receives enough debuff spells that their game is over. In order to counteract this effect, deposit an Empty Orb and reduce debuffs on yourself and others.

Once all six balls have been dropped, the encounter will conclude and you must pass through the door. When my team is rotating, we place one member at each door to eliminate anyone added to the spawn area by firing devastating shots. We switch off every time one of our teammates puts a ball down.

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Fourth Encounter

Once you’ve cleared away all the runes, you will be faced with a jumping puzzle and series of runes protecting the door. Be prepared to jump over ledges and media in this area in search of towers with matching runes that match the new door. When you find one or more buildings matching up perfectly with this door, kill any enemies surrounding it that belong to beehive mage’s enemies before moving on.

Final phase

Once you’ve placed the third sphere, the dungeon boss enters a damage phase and the ground around you will glow green. To pass this stage, kill all Hive Knights in the arena collect their relics to one of three nearby towers, kill each enemy knight or witch that appeared and collect any drops of emptiness that they dropped and deposit it in one of three containers.

The fifth and final phase is the pit of heresy, a formidable boss fight similar to your previous encounter. To pass this stage, you must defeat Knight Relic and throw more void orbs at the boss in order for more projectiles to fall from above.

After some time, the boss will kneel down on one knee and begin to prepare for an attack. If it kills you, take cover in the damage zone to avoid being struck; otherwise, stay put and continue dealing damage. My fire brigade needed two phases where damage was distributed before we were successful in eliminating him how ever no matter how many degrees the boss goes through you will receive a stunning piece of Pinnacle equipment!

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FAQ Questions

How to unlock the Pit of Heresy dungeon?

Once Deepening Wake is completed speak to Eris to unlock the Pit of Heresy. Travel to Sorrow Harbor and join in on the activitie at the altar of mournings. You must clear at least Tier 3 waves in order to complete deepening wakes. Finally speak to Eriis to receive your quest item Deepened Wake.

Can You Play Pit Of Heresy Without Shadowkeep?

These dungeons, such as Shattered Throne in Forsaken and more recently Pit of Heresy in Shadowkeep, are longer than a punch and utilize some radar like mechanics.

IS pit of heresy being vaulted?

Bungie detail exactly what will emerge from the game this December. Strikes, raids, story content and planets will be removed from the trash and the game will look like this.

Where is the pit of heresy?

To enter the Pit of Heresy, you must have completed the main campaign of Shadow Holders (i.e.,.


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