It is rainbow six siege cross platform And Cross-progression

Rainbow Six Siege is cross platform: You can play with other players whose consoles belong to the same family as yours. If yours is an Xbox One, then you can connect to other gamers using an Xbox Series X. Likewise, PC gamers using Rainbow Six Siege may connect to others using that same PC. Note that PlayStation and Xbox Series X players cannot connect as only those from that console family have access to Crossplay functionality.

If you want to enable Crossplay in Rainbow Six Siege, simply link your Siege Progression with Ubisoft Connect. After doing this, Siege will prompt you with a pop-up window that allows you to connect your console’s progress with an Ubisoft account. Note that if you own different consoles, playing an Xbox player on another PlayStation is not possible.

Ubisoft has confirmed that cross-play in Rainbow Six Siege will only be available on consoles. Please don’t hold your breath expecting the game to support cross-platform multiplayer and cross-progress between PC and console; even if there is cross-platform multiplayer available, expect little chance for crossplay between console and PC players.

It is rainbow six siege cross platform And Cross-progression

It is rainbow six siege cross platform & Cross-progression

Recently, PC Gamer interviewed Ubisoft regarding their plans for cross-play features prior to Rainbow Six Siege’s sixth year of content beginning with Crimson Heist. According to the Games Director, support for cross-platform gaming on both Xbox and PlayStation consoles is still in development. As more titles introduce full cross-play availability, there may be hope that Rainbow Six wins will follow suit.

Ubisoft plans to release Rainbow Six Siege on the launch day for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, offering cross-play and cross-platform progression. Windows Central reported back in February that game developers hoped to bring these features to the title. Furthermore, next-gen consoles will support cross-generational matchmaking – as previously announced – which should launch during the holiday season.

Ubisoft also explained how their cross-progression system would enable players to switch to the latest generation of consoles without losing any cosmetic progress. Players can transfer their progress from an older console to the newest model without losing progress from earlier ones, and PlayStation owners have the same options when playing on different generations within a family.

Players on consoles cannot play PC games with their friends. Ubisoft offers a free upgrade for Siege owners who wish to upgrade to the next-gen consoles, though Crossplay will only work within that same family of consoles. Players remaining within that same console family may continue free upgrades to a later-generation version of the game.

Ubisoft has unveiled their vision for a sustainable content lineup as it gears up to release Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. According to Leroy Athanassof, Director of Operations, “Rainbow Six: Siege will launch the day after the new generation of consoles,” with initial console upgrades already sent out for PS4 Pro and Xbox One X in advance; these updates will be implemented months after each title’s respective launches.”

Ubisoft has been discussing this feature for over a year now, and it appears that cross-play and cross-progression could eventually lead to Rainbow Six victories. In an interview with PC Gamer, Rainbow Six: Siege director Jean-Baptiste Halle expressed Ubisoft’s interest in making it work but noted that it likely wouldn’t appear in their PC port of the tactical shooter. Athanassof assured me their team hopes to bring cross-platform progress to those who have invested in the game on Xbox One as well as players looking to switch over.

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Cross-progression and Crossplay in the console version seem like major advances for a game that strives to find new ways of maintaining its loyal player base. Unfortunately, some in the siege console community are having difficulty climbing through ranks using third-party hardware that allows for mouse and keyboard input, so I am not optimistic about an official implementation that is balanced and healthy.

Ubisoft’s cross-platform plans for Rainbow Six now rest with Sony and Microsoft. Game director Leroy Athanassof expressed Ubisoft’s desire to offer cross-play in order to avoid fragmenting the community during console transition. Ubisoft has made the switch from Uplay Connect, promising cross-platform play as well as cross-progression within the game.

PlayStation and Xbox Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege will eventually support PlayStation and Xbox. But Ubisoft is cautious about linking device and internet users in a game that requires precise targets and fast action – so they won’t allow active cross-play unless everyone is using one of those platforms. Ubisoft says they are working on an interplatform progression but Buuut is reluctant to let PC gamers join consoles in cross-platform multiplayer matches.

With so many multiplayer game developers announcing Crossplay between current and new consoles, fans of successful strategy first-person shooters like Rainbow Six Siege were bound to wonder how to do the same. Turns out PlayStation 4 owners can play as PlayStation 5, while Xbox 1 and Xbox Series X players don’t need to purchase a second copy in order to enjoy playing their beloved titles.


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