Top 11 Best smoke spots dust 2 Map March 2024

Best smoke spots dust 2 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) is without a doubt one of the most popular multiplayer first-person shooter games of the decade. In CSGO, players may explore a variety of maps and venues, although Dust 2 is by far the most popular. The Dust 2 map in CSGO is popular among fans because it offers a basic but enjoyable layout for both beginners and experienced players.

You must know the greatest smoke spots accessible on the Dust 2 map, regardless of whether you are a novice or a master. When you know where the finest smoke places are on Dust 2 in CSGO, you can blind your opponent by throwing smoke at the right moment. We’ve collected a list of all the finest smoke spots on Dust 2 that the majority of CSGO pro players are presently employing to make your job simpler.

Dust 1 – Updated List of the best smoke spots dust 2

Top 11 Best Smoke Spots on the Dust 2 Map

Dust 2 is the most beloved and straightforward map in CS: GO, often chosen by newcomers. However, its geography has drastically shifted over time, along with its smoke sites which have also been updated.

The greatest smoke places on the Dust 2 map to assist you execute your offensive plan in the game are listed below.

  • Smoke from the B Door
    This is one of Dust 2’s better smoke sites, with the option of throwing grenades from the sky roof tunnel or just throwing and making a B spit.
  • Smoke from a Long Corner
Top 11 Best Smoke Spots on the Dust 2 Map

2) Window B

In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, proceed from T spawn to the top tunnel of B Entrance and lay a smoke bomb to clear away enemies at B window.

3) Enter the Upper Tunnel

Entering through the B entrance, this may be one of the better smoking areas. To recreate it in Dust 2, head to B enter and plan your smoke through the higher tunnel.

4) A Set of Stairs

Begin your adventure inside Palace Alley by making a right onto the platform and searching for a wooden building. In Dust 2 map, hide behind this structure by placing smoke at the entrance to A staircase.

Dust 5 features smoke patches. Long Corner smoke will block the CT and give you some time before he gets his first frag. Due to the haze, however, this move may be automatically pushed back by the CT.

6) Smoke from a Cross

To pull this off, you’ll need to work with your colleagues. All you have to do is create a working space for yourself and your team by blocking the area with grenades thrown from two sides.

7) Smoke from the Xbox

This is also one of Dust 2’s most simple but straightforward smoke places. It frees up a lot of space for players by obstructing AWP, which might prevent you from going short.

8) From A to B

You may arrange your tactics such that when AWP tries to cross your site, you can use a smoke grenade at CT Spawn in the Dust 2 at the appropriate time.

9) Take B again

In CS: Go, this location is used to block all adversaries at the B entrance. To do so, go to T spawn and take shelter before throwing smoke towards the B entrance.

10) Lurk in the Lower Tunnel

From CT Spaw or Mid, this is one of the finest smoke places for getting into the Lower Tunnel. To launch, just hide behind the double door in Mid and place a smoke bomb at the Lower Tunnel’s entrance. In the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

11) A One-Way Trip

To conduct this smoke, stand in the middle of the Cage door on A Short. Adjust your crosshair between the left side wall and the Window, then fire the smoke.

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