How to Get Satisfactory Map and How to Unlock Map April 2024

Satisfactory Map: As you progress through the first part of the game, there are many unexpected twists and turns along the way. It requires you to explore and find resources on your own; unlike most other video games out there, there is no assistance or card in play. This sets it apart from other titles.

Once you reach level 25 in the game, unlocking your map can make things much simpler for you and give you a well-marked location to navigate around with. In this guide, we’ll walk you through unlocking the map so that you can grab a navigation device. Let’s take a quick look at how to acquire one now.

Given the vastness of the map and its various regions, having access to a card may seem necessary in some situations. In today’s guide, we’ll explain more about Satisfactory Map getting one. Beginners who start out playing good games will notice the world map quickly enough; everyone isn’t required to have one – Satisfying is where you can access and explore it!

How to Get Satisfactory Map ,How to Unlock Map


How to Use a Map to Satisfy

Players can unlock the map by pressing “Z,” displaying all regions that have been visited. Other exciting features will also be visible on the map, such as:

  • Current position
  • Dropped crates
  • Hub locations
  • Locations of vehicles
  • Resource nodes
  • Power slugs
  • Creatures
How to Get Satisfactory Map ,How to Unlock Map 2

How To Get A Map In Satisfactory

Traveling from one corner of the world to the other typically takes around 45 minutes, depending on which mode of transport is taken. A map comes in handy when players start exploring a fixed area – 54km across and 54 km long! As you can see, this vast expanse is truly huge in scale!

Playing is enjoyable enough as it is, but adding cards makes things even more comfortable. As previously mentioned, players can search on the map through research on the quartz molecular analysis machine – as its name suggests – which generates a chain of research from quartz itself.

Once a player has the resources listed above, they can begin quartz research to explore the quartz tree. To complete the Quartz Research Chain, 10 Crystal Oscillators and 10 Beacons are necessary. At Tier 2 hub, search for Quarter Resource Scanner. Collecting this small knot will yield a deposit worth of quarts that will set off the research chain in motion. Finally, place regular miners onto this promise in order to begin collecting those necessary quarts.

How to Get Satisfactory Map ,How to Unlock Map 3


An external website offers a Satisfactory Map calculator that can save players valuable time. To utilize it, players simply upload their saved game file and the website will create an interactive visual representation of it on a map.

The map’s most appealing feature is that all terrain is marked blue – representing water. This allows players to explore not only plants but also water resources.


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