How to Get Satisfactory Map ,How to Unlock Map February 2023

Satisfactory Map: The story has many surprising elements when you go through the first part of the game. The game expects you to explore the world and find resources yourself. This means that you do not get any help or card in play. This is different from most other video games out there.

If you manage to progress in the game, you are on the verge of getting a card. Having a good map makes things much easier for you and gives you a well-marked location that you will need throughout the game. In this guide, we will guide you today through unlocking the map so that you can grab a navigation device. Let’s take a quick look at how to get the map.

Given the sheer size of the map and its different regions, it seems compulsory in such situations. In today’s guide, we will explain more about Satisfactory Map getting a card. Beginners who start with good games will notice the world map. Everyone is not expected to have a map. Satisfying is the place where you can access it and explore it.

How to Get Satisfactory Map ,How to Unlock Map


How to Use a Map to Satisfy

After unlocking the map, players will be able to view all regions that have been visited by pressing the “Z” key. Other exciting features will be displayed on the map, including:

  • Current position
  • Dropped crates
  • Hub locations
  • Locations of vehicles
  • Resource nodes
  • Power slugs
  • Creatures
How to Get Satisfactory Map ,How to Unlock Map

How To Get A Map In Satisfactory

The journey from one corner of the world to the other takes about 45 minutes, depending on the means of transport used. A map is handy when players start exploring on a fixed basis. You can see that the exact area is 54 km by 54 km in size and giant.

While playing is satisfactory, a card feels like an excellent addition to the game to make things more comfortable. As already mentioned, players can search on the map. This can be achieved through research on the quartz molecular analysis machine. As the name suggests, quartz is a chain of research derived from quartz.

Once the player has the resources listed above, he can start quartz research to explore the quartz tree. To complete the Quartz Research Chain, the player needs 10 Crystal Oscillators and 10 Beacons. Once the player is at the Tier 2 hub, he will search for the Quarter Resource Scanner. The player will collect a small knot with a mineable deposit. To set the research chain in motion, the player can place a regular miner on the promise and begin collecting the necessary quarts.

How to Get Satisfactory Map ,How to Unlock Map


There is an external website with a Satisfactory Map calculator that can save the player a lot of time. To use it, the player can upload a saved game file and return it to the website and create a visual map representation of it.

The best thing about the map is that the terrain is marked blue, which means water. This means that the player will explore not only the plants but also the water resources.


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