Modern Warfare’s aim response curve type explained Call of Duty

aim response curve type: Before we deal with this, you will need to set your settings correctly if you do. It seems that the patch Season 4 Reloaded will reset all player settings, which means you will have to go back and reinsert them.

Wading through the menus can be a bit daunting, so we’ve broken things down and listed the best settings to optimize gameplay and audio settings. Sensitivity and preferences vary, so these settings should be used as a starting point for further tests that match personal tastes. If you play with a controller on a PC or console, the best controller settings will improve accuracy and movement in Warzone reloads Season 4.

Modern Warfare's aim response curve type explained Call of Duty

The type of target reaction curve is an option for setting the controller in Black Ops: Cold War and players must know. It is a setting that changes how the analogue sticks react to the movement of the player. In short, there are three different settings for the target reaction curve (also known as the arc) that adjust the interaction between your controller and the analogue embroidery movement in the game.

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Modern Warfare’s aim response curve type explained Call of Duty

Modern Warfare, Infinity Ward’s flagship series, is now a new era. Modern Warfare’s brains have done everything possible to ensure Call of Duty achieves new heights, having integrated cross-play for the first time.

The game’s Battle Royale mode, Warzone, was released in March to follow up to Blackout. The popularity of the game mode proliferated both among players and via social media, with it moving up the Twitch charts.

Modern Warfare still has some undiscovered features, one of them being the aim response curve (ARC).

What type of aim response curve should I use?

The answer to the above question lies entirely with you. Let’s, however, break down each variation to help you make an informed decision. The standard curve will always account for ‘rogue movements’. This means that it will gradually increase its rate of movement when you move your thumbstick, based on the percentage.

Hypothetically, if you set the standard curve algorithm at 10%, your movement will gradually increase in increments of 10% until it hits 100%.

This means that inner movements are less sensitive, which is excellent for fine aim control, and outer thumbstick movements, which are great for quick turning, are ideal for beginners or for those who are switching from one game to the next.

What’s an aim response curve?

What's an aim response curve

Simply put, ARC is the on-screen movement directly related to the thumbstick input. Most games use a standard form of ARC to account for movement errors. This means that if the thumbstick is accidentally hit with more force, an algorithm will balance it.

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Currently, Modern Warfare has three ARC variants:

  • Standard: A simple power curve map derived from the aim stick to the aim rate.
  • Linear: Use aim stick maps to determine your target rate.
  • Dynamic Reserve S-curve Mapping for Fine Control of the Aim Rate

Each of these ARC types has its own merits. Reddit user “KingZillionn” posted a graph to the CoDCompetitive subreddit, which aptly shows each curve type relative to rotation speed and thumbstick movement.

curve aim response

According to Activision’s blog post, the linear curve is a “direct path from aim stick to aim rate,” according to Activision’s blog post. The movement of the screen will reflect the input from the sticks. The screen will mirror 75% of your maximum rotation speed if you move your stick at 75%.

This may seem like the best option, but it can make controlling your aim more difficult. To counter this, players can turn the ADS sensitivity multiplier. This would be recommended for advanced or more experienced players.

The dynamic curve is finally here. This variant is, for all intents and purposes, a combination of the two. To control your thumbstick movement, the dynamic curve uses a reversed S–curve algorithm. This is a gradual increase in rotation speed relative to thumbstick movement. However, it will eventually accelerate towards raw input to give the sensation of’snappy aim’.

If you are a veteran first-person shooter, then linear might be right for you. If you are new to the genre, stick to the standard curve to ensure consistency.


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