Call of Duty Best Kali Sticks Modern Warfare COD GAMER

The fourth season of Activision’s high-end shooter Call of Duty ( Kali Sticks ): Modern Warfare: Warzone introduced a host of exciting new features and weapons into the game. One of the most powerful new weapons is Akimbo batons or potash sticks. Let’s look at the equipment you can use with Akimbo batons or Kali batons for maximum effectiveness. These weapons are unlocked by killing three enemies with a battle knife and can be pushed in after fifteen games. Call of Duty Warzone will find its way onto Nintendo Switch shortly Platform

Call of Duty Best Kali Sticks Modern Warfare COD GAMER

Call of Duty Best Kali Sticks Modern Warfare COD GAMER

While Pamaj doesn’t seem too concerned about the state of melee in war zones, streaming colleague Joe “Merk” DeLuca Isaac agrees and offers a possible solution. Merk’s proposal to shoot enemies to stop melee animations is a popular idea among warzone players to compensate for BRS melee attacks. While Raven did not respond to Isaac’s tweet at the time of writing, he has resisted the barrage of balance changes in Season 3, so Warzone players may see their melee attenuated sometime this season.

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Best Kali Sticks (Akimbo Batons) COD Warzone

You can choose from a variety of camouflage options to modify your skin. These include Spray Paint Tiger, Digital Dragon, Reptile Skull and many more. When you need to attack your enemies in stealth mode, a significant tactical advantage is presented by utilizing the skin of the terrain you are fighting. You can equip Akimbo batons with potash sticks as a secondary weapon in the loading process. (Watch More Article For Gamer)

If you have a gold camo potash stick, it’s even better for you. Not only will you be able to swing it quickly, but you can kill someone with a clumsy punch in two strokes. It can also strike and cause severe damage within a short time.

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