Call of Duty Best Kali Sticks Modern Warfare COD GAMER

Activision’s high-end shooter Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Warzone has introduced an array of exciting features and weapons into the game, including Akimbo batons or potash sticks. Let us look at what equipment can be used with Akimbo batons or Kali batons for maximum effectiveness. These weapons can only be unlocked after defeating three enemies with a battle knife and unlocked after fifteen games have passed.

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Call of Duty Best Kali Sticks Modern Warfare COD GAMER

Call of Duty Best Kali Sticks Modern Warfare COD GAMER

Pamaj appears unconcerned about melee attacks in war zones, but streaming colleague Joe “Merk” DeLuca Isaac offers a possible solution. Merk’s proposal of shooting enemies to stop melee animations has become popular among warzone players to compensate for BRS melee attacks. Although Raven had yet to respond to Isaac’s tweet at time of writing, it appears that Raven will continue with his series of balance changes this season; thus warzone players may see their melee power reduced at some point this season.

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Best Kali Sticks (Akimbo Batons) COD Warzone

You have several camouflage options to choose from, such as Spray Paint Tiger, Digital Dragon, Reptile Skull and many more. When attacking enemies in stealth mode, taking advantage of terrain’s skin provides a significant tactical edge. Equipping Akimbo batons with potash sticks as secondary weapons during loading provides another tactical edge.

Gold camo potash sticks are even better for you, allowing you to swing it quickly and hit someone with two strikes for maximum damage. Even with a weak punch, this weapon has the potential to do major damage within seconds.

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