Modern Warfare 2 Beta: These are the Official Release Dates

Modern Warfare 2 Beta is a make-or-break game for Call of Duty. After a disappointing year of Vanguard action and with Modern Warfare 2 taking over for two years, finding a good multiplayer formula is crucial.

Activision utilised the CDL Grand Finals show to prepare for the future as the professional Vanguard season reached its culmination.

Infinity Ward announced the dates for the Modern Warfare 2 beta after the Vanguard Grand Finals.

Champs announced Call of Duty: Next. Next? This 2022 event will showcase Call of Duty’s imminent future. Infinity Ward will present advancements, live gaming, and more.

Modern Warfare 2 Beta

Modern Warfare 2 Beta Dates are Disclosed by Infinity Ward

Infinity Ward announced the beta dates after map two of Atlanta FaZe vs. Los Angeles Thieves.

The beta runs October 16-20 and October 22-26, with the second weekend available to all consoles.
The Call of Duty League webcast gave away 50,000 beta keys across different platforms, and pre-ordering is another method to obtain access.

Modern Warfare 2 Beta is given away Free For a Weekend to Playstation Players

The first weekend of the Call of Duty open beta will be confined to Sony’s platform, confirming earlier claims.

PlayStation users will get the scoop on their console competition from October 16–20, as Sony and Call of Duty make their penultimate deal before Microsoft takes control of Activision.

The next week, chaos returns. On October 24, beta key holders may play Modern Warfare 2’s last test before release.

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