Samsung Odyssey Ark Review And Features January 2023

Samsung Odyssey Ark Review And Specifications: The Samsung Odyssey Ark 55-inch curved gaming display, which has a suggested retail price of $3,500 and has been on preorder for a few weeks, is now available to buy. And even more unexpectedly, taking into account the track record of video game releases over the past few years, it’s possible that you could simply walk into a store and buy one. Several members of the Verge staff investigated the inventory at their neighborhood Best Buys and discovered that the stores had one or two variants of the product ready to be picked up today.

Samsung Odyssey Ark Review And Features

Allow me to be clear: I am not advocating that you go out and get a small LED gaming display the size of a reasonable TV for the sole purpose of playing video games. When one considers the nine months of anticipation that have passed since the Odyssey Ark was first shown at CES 2022 and the fact that it is such an absurd piece of technology, the notion that acquiring one could be so uncomplicated almost seems like it should be impossible. If you are going to use a computer screen that could make you look tiny, your chiropractor should at least write a note saying that you are aware of the risks.

Samsung Odyssey Ark Review And Features
Samsung Odyssey Ark Review

If the thought of selling your car and transporting the Ark, which is most likely a large box, gives you pause, I completely understand. (An easy way around that is to buy it on Amazon, by the way.) However, until we can give this one a thorough assessment, you should probably fight the urge to disappear into nothingness. Many editors have Samsung’s equally ludicrous 49-inch Odyssey G9 on their desks, but this pushes it to an almost unthinkable new level.

Odyssey Ark Price

There will be many who cave in to the temptation; in fact, the Best Buy near me currently claims I can’t do an in-store pickup for the Ark until Saturday, despite the fact that there was one available for pickup when I checked this morning. Someone in Spokane paid $3,500 for this screen, including the 8.9 percent sales tax. They might even be using it right now for online gaming. If you’re that person and you happen to be reading this, please get in touch and fill me in on your rationale and your experience with the Ark thus far. (In addition… do you want to hang out?) To be honest, I’m only curious about your screen, but I’ll make up for it with Pizza Pipeline or something.


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