Instagram plays sound even when the volume Muted: How to fix

Instagram plays sound even when the volume Muted: How to fix: Let’s be honest: Each one of us has logged onto Instagram at a time when we really shouldn’t have. Even when we know we shouldn’t, we find ourselves opening the app and, involuntarily, scrolling through the feed or tapping through Stories. Even when we know we shouldn’t, we find ourselves accessing the app. In the past, this wasn’t much of an issue because, on the iPhone, you can simply keep the mute switch depressed, and Instagram won’t make any noise at all. This meant that the issue wasn’t as significant as it could have been. However, that strategy is no longer productive.

Even if you put all of your concentration towards silencing your iPhone, the sound will continue to play when you open Instagram Stories. The currently playing Instagram Story won’t play if you mute your phone while using the app, but the next Story you load or the next video you scroll through will. You should also know that most of the noise on Instagram is not quiet.

Instagram plays sound even when the volume Muted: How to fix

Disabling Audio in Instagram Stories

How exactly does one go about permanently turning off the sound on the Instagram Stories app? Now, here’s where things become tricky… That can’t happen right now; there isn’t enough time. There is no doubt that we have not yet achieved this level of achievement. Restarting your phone, logging out and back in, or removing and reinstalling the app are all frequent fixes, but they only provide a temporary cure. Another option is to contact the developer of the app for assistance. After using the mute button, there is currently no way to return Instagram to its previous state of silence.

The only option to stop Instagram from playing sound till further notice is to lower the system volume on your mobile device. Simply drag the volume slider all the way to the bottom of the screen until the icon changes to a speaker with a line through it. The Control Center may be accessed by swiping down from the top-right corner of the display to show it. If the volume buttons on your phone aren’t already configured to adjust the ringtone volume, you may get the same result by pushing the volume down button that is located on the side of the device. This is true even if your phone is already programmed to adjust the volume using the volume buttons.

When will Instagram Stories fix sound?

Most likely, we’ll have to wait anxiously for Instagram to fix the issue. Since this issue appeared out of the blue and wasn’t related to an Instagram app update, it’s possible that the business can address it without requiring users to download a patch. Meta, Instagram’s parent company, told Newsweek a few days ago that they are working on a solution, but since then, they have been silent. Each of us is still unwittingly exposed to the Stories.

This issue appears to be iPhone-specific at the moment. When using Instagram on an Android device, the volume controls are still the sole option to hear sound during a Story if your phone is muted. There is no need for any shenanigans with the hardware mute switch.

I really hope Instagram figures out whatever it is it has to figure out soon so I can go back to pretending to watch Reels while actually doing something else.

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