Instagram plays sound even when the volume Muted: How to fix

Instagram Plays Sound Even when Muted: How to Fix: We have all been guilty of opening Instagram when we knew better and scrolling through feed or tapping Stories even when aware that we shouldn’t. Previously, this wasn’t much of an issue since iPhone mute switches were always held down, meaning no noise from Instagram would come through – however this strategy no longer works!

Even if you focus on silence your iPhone, sound will continue to play when launching Instagram Stories. The currently playing Story won’t stop playing if you mute your device while using the app; however, future Stories or videos loaded will. Furthermore, most of the noise on Instagram isn’t quiet.

Instagram plays sound even when the volume Muted: How to fix

Disabling Audio in Instagram Stories

How does one go about permanently turning off the sound on Instagram Stories app? Unfortunately, that is not currently possible due to lack of time. Restarting your phone, logging out and back in or removing and reinstalling may provide temporary fixes but only provide a temporary cure. Another option would be contacting the developer of the app for assistance; unfortunately there is currently no way to restore Instagram’s previous state of silence after using its mute button.

Instagram will continue playing sound until further notice unless you adjust the system volume on your mobile device. To do this, drag the volume slider all the way down until the icon changes to a speaker with a line through it and the Control Center appears (swipe down from top-right corner of display). Alternatively, if no buttons are already programmed to adjust ringtone volume using volume buttons on phone, push down on side button (if available) which may produce similar results even if phone already programs volume using buttons).

When will Instagram Stories fix sound?

Most likely, we’ll need to wait for Instagram to fix the issue. Since it happened without warning and wasn’t related to an app update, there may be a way for them to address without requiring users to download a patch. Meta, Instagram’s parent company, told Newsweek a few days ago they are working on a solution; however, since then they have been silent. In the meantime, all of us remain unwittingly exposed to Stories.

Unfortunately, this issue appears to be an iPhone issue. When using Instagram on an Android device, volume controls remain the only way to hear sound during Stories even if your phone is muted – there is no need for any finagling with the hardware mute switch.

I sincerely hope Instagram figures out its issue quickly so I can resume pretending to watch Reels while actually doing something else.

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