Sonic exe fnf codes 2024 (Mod 2.2 Secret Sound Test Codes)

Today we will examine Friday Night Funkin Vs Sonic Exe FNF Codes from the musical rhythm game Friday Night Funkin (or FNF), with multiple variations, such as Sonic Exe 2.0. Also, keep reading to access its Sound Test Codes used to access hidden music as well as decipher all 2.0’s hidden messages as well as expose any FNF Sonic Exe 2.0 Codes used for audio evaluation evaluation.

FNF Vs Sonic Exe Mod 2.2 Secret Sound Test Codes.

EXE’s aesthetic resembles Sonic, yet there are certain key distinctions. His skin has deeper shades of blue with rougher, less carefully groomed quills and fur than Sonic does, his arms, hands, and feet are black while most other parts of his skin are fairer; claws on his hands could either be purple or black and appear in certain depictions; due to how his body was first designed he also has a big mouth with fanged yellow teeth that poke out from underneath his cape.

FNF Vs Sonic Exe Mod 2.2 Secret Sound Test Codes

His eyes are jet black with vibrant red irises. What sets this character apart, however, is a constant discharge of blood from both eyes due to an uncomfortable birthmark; furthermore, there appear to be sores beneath each of his eyes for which no obvious explanation can be provided.

His quills in You Can’t Run are extra disorganized and feature hardened at their suggestions; his lips, veins, and veined veining can be seen with every posture; while his mouth has emerge as seriously disfigured.

As you play the 16-bit version of You Can’t Run, you July observe a few diffused changes to Sonic’s appearance compared along with his normal self. His eyes continue to be white like everyday Sonic but his pupils now characteristic black instead of red-hued pupils that dilate while his lips twist for the duration of everyday parts of the tune in spite of those adjustments.

Friday Night Funkin’ VS. Sonic Exe Mod – How to Get It:

The steps to get the FNF Sonic exe mod downloaded and set up are as follows.

  • Please visit Gamebanana to access Friday Night Funkin’: Vs Sonic XE mod.
  • Once your file has been saved to its destination directory, a rar archive should appear there.
  • Navigating to your “Trash” folder.
  • Simply by double-clicking Sonic.Exe, you can get started using Sonic.
  • Now you can experience the FNF vs Sonic Exe Mod!
  • Complete List of Valid Test Codes for FNF Sonic EXE
  • Friday Night Funkin’ Sonic EXE features numerous hidden Sound Test Codes; however, you cannot unlock them until after defeating Sonic in his initial battle.

Select Sound Test from the main menu.

  • Now, enter the codes mentioned below.
    • PCM NO. 01 DA NO. 13
    • PCM NO. 12 DA NO. 25
    • PCM NO. 07 DA NO. 07
    • PCM NO. 23 DA NO. 23
    • PCM NO. 12 DA NO. 34
    • PCM NO. 09 DA NO. 10
    • PCM NO. 06 DA NO. 06
    • PCM NO. 32 DA NO. 08
    • PCM NO. 03 DA NO. 01
    • PCM NO. 12 DA NO. 11
    • PCM NO. 41 DA NO. 01
    • PCM NO. 69 DA NO. 27
    • PCM NO. 06 DA NO. 09

FNF Sonic Exe 2.0 Codes

Here are all the secret codes for FNF Vs Sonic Exe 2.0:

  • PCM NO. 7 DA NO. 7
  • PCM NO. 12 DA NO. 25
  • PCM NO. 66 DA NO. 6
  • PCM NO. 8 DA NO. 21
  • PCM NO. 31 DA NO. 13
  • PCM NO. 1 DA NO. 13
  • PCM NO. 23 DA NO. 23
  • PCM NO. 12 DA NO. 34
  • PCM NO. 9 DA NO. 10
  • PCM NO. 6 DA NO. 6
  • PCM NO. 32 DA NO. 8
  • PCM NO. 41 DA NO. 1

All the best with the download and installation of the Friday Night Funkin’ FNF vs. Sonic Exe Mod and the hidden Sound Test Codes!


Demon Sonic.exe (or more popularly Xenophanes) is an avid supporter of Sonic who adopted an impersonation role for himself in Sonic.exe videogame and creepypasta series. He makes appearances both within this medium as well as elsewhere – particularly the Friday Night Funkin events which caused his resurrection 2021! He remains popularly beloved even today despite returning due to friday Night Funkin events!

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