FNF Vs Sonic Exe Mod 2.2 Secret Sound Test Codes

We’ll be taking a look at the Friday Night Funkin Vs Sonic exe fnf codes for the musical rhythm game Friday Night Funkin, or FNF, which has several different variations. Where can I get it, and how do I set it up? An in-depth tutorial is provided below. Also, keep reading for the Sound Test Codes to use in order to hear the hidden music. We’ll also decode all of 2.0’s hidden messages. All of the hidden FNF Sonic Exe 2.0 Codes for the audio evaluation are also exposed.

FNF Vs Sonic Exe Mod 2.2  Secret Sound Test Codes.

EXE’s aesthetic is reminiscent to Sonic’s, yet there are key variances. A deeper shade of blue, rougher and less well-groomed quills and fur describe him. His arms, hands, and feet are black, while the rest of his skin is fairer. The claws on his hands, which might be black or purple, make an appearance in certain depictions of him. Because of the way his body was first constructed, he has a big mouth and fanged, yellow teeth.

FNF Vs Sonic Exe Mod 2.2 Secret Sound Test Codes

His eyes are a jet black, and his irises are generally a vibrant shade of red. His most distinctive feature is the continual discharge of blood from his eyes, the consequence of a painful birthmark. There are sores beneath his eyes, and the cause is a mystery.

His quills in You Can’t Run are more disorderly and have calcified at the tips. His lips and veins are clearly evident in every stance, and his mouth has grown severely disfigured.

While playing the 16-bit version of You Can’t Run, you’ll notice a little alteration to his appearance. His eyes are white like ordinary Sonic’s but his pupils are black instead of red and small. His lips still twists in the same way it does during the regular parts of the song, despite the changes.

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Friday Night Funkin’ VS. Sonic Exe Mod – How to Get It:

The steps to get the FNF Sonic exe mod downloaded and set up are as follows.

  • Please visit Gamebanana in order to get the Friday Night Funkin’: Vs. Sonic.Exe mod.
  • You’ll find a rar archive in the directory to which you’ve saved the file.
  • Unpack the.rar archive.
  • Navigate to the “Trash” folder.
  • Solely by double-clicking the Sonic.Exe file, you can start using Sonic.
  • You may now enjoy the FNF vs. Sonic Exe Mod.
  • Comprehensive List of Valid Test Codes for FNF Sonic EXE
  • Numerous hidden Sound Test Codes for Friday Night Funkin’ Sonic EXE exist. Nonetheless, you can’t unlock the other songs until you defeat Sonic in the first one.

Select Sound Test from the main menu.

  • Now, enter the codes mentioned below.
    • PCM NO. 01 DA NO. 13
    • PCM NO. 12 DA NO. 25
    • PCM NO. 07 DA NO. 07
    • PCM NO. 23 DA NO. 23
    • PCM NO. 12 DA NO. 34
    • PCM NO. 09 DA NO. 10
    • PCM NO. 06 DA NO. 06
    • PCM NO. 32 DA NO. 08
    • PCM NO. 03 DA NO. 01
    • PCM NO. 12 DA NO. 11
    • PCM NO. 41 DA NO. 01
    • PCM NO. 69 DA NO. 27
    • PCM NO. 06 DA NO. 09

FNF Sonic Exe 2.0 Codes

Here are all the secret codes for FNF Vs Sonic Exe 2.0:

  • PCM NO. 7 DA NO. 7
  • PCM NO. 12 DA NO. 25
  • PCM NO. 66 DA NO. 6
  • PCM NO. 8 DA NO. 21
  • PCM NO. 31 DA NO. 13
  • PCM NO. 1 DA NO. 13
  • PCM NO. 23 DA NO. 23
  • PCM NO. 12 DA NO. 34
  • PCM NO. 9 DA NO. 10
  • PCM NO. 6 DA NO. 6
  • PCM NO. 32 DA NO. 8
  • PCM NO. 41 DA NO. 1

All the best with the download and installation of the Friday Night Funkin’ FNF vs. Sonic Exe Mod and the hidden Sound Test Codes!


Demon Sonic.exe, or Xenophanes as he is more well known, is a huge Sonic lover who fashioned himself an impersonator. He appears in the creepypasta and video game Sonic.exe and proceeds to murder Sonic’s companions one by one, eventually murdering the player. Aside from his rebirth in 2021 because to friday night funkin, he is also incredibly well-liked in other media.

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