New Update Funky Friday Script (August 2022)

(Update!) Funky Friday Script (August 2022) :If you’re looking for Funky Friday Script 2022, you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to, where you’ll find the Funky Friday Scripts in action.

Here you may find Roblox Funky Friday Scripts & Hacks. This isn’t a terrible tool for players who wish to take use of the game’s hidden features. Players may, for example, enable AutoFarm features, admin functions, character customization functions, and many more. The scri pt Funky Fri day Roblox game has a vast variety of functionalities that may be controlled easily using the GUI menu.

New Update 21-August-2022

New Update Funky Friday Script (June 2022)

Are you a fan of fast-paced music and a lot of in-game partying? Then you’re probably aware with the Fu nky Friday game, a wonderful platform where you have to combat with other players or adversaries while playing tracks, collecting in-game points for hitting the notes, so let’s get started with the Funky Fri day Script.

Script for a Funky Friday in 2022

Script for a Funky Friday Here you will find a fun Roblox script that will assist you with obtaining infinite in-game goodies and unlocking certain features.

vu:Button2Down(,0),workspace.CurrentCamera.CFrame) wait(1) vu:Button2Up(,0),workspace.CurrentCamera.CFrame) end) loadstring(game:HttpGet("",true))() local message ="Message", workspace) message.Text = "Loaded! If the script is not working, press 'F9' to check for any errors." wait(4.5) message:Destroy()

Pastebin 2022 Funky Friday Script

Here is the pastebin Roblox funky friday scr ipt that will let you receive some additional bonuses in the game.


Pastebin Hacks for a Funky Friday Script (Admin Animation) Roblox

Here are pastebin Roblox fu nky fri day script hacks that you may use to earn unlimited in-game goodies.


Sick & Auto Win Friday Script Pastebin

Here are some Roblox scripts for a wacky Friday. Try Roblox’s fantastic funky fri day script pastebin sick and auto-win.


Roblox Pastebin Hacks GUI 2022 Funky Friday Script

Here is the pastebin hacks Roblox GUI 2022 wacky friday script. Take a look at this great Funky Fri day GUI Script.

_G.animations = false loadstring(game:HttpGet("", true))()Copied!

Roblox Funky Friday Pastebin Hacks Script GUI 2022

Here is the Roblox funky fri day script Pastebin Hacks 2022 if you want to try this check below.

— updated 5/12/21 — should choke less — updated 5/16/21 — should ignore invisible notes — added hit chances and a toggle — hit chances are a bit rough but actually work good enough — only tested on Synapse X — moved ui to github and removed the kick — for “free exploit” developers — you need the following functions — loadstring, getloadedmodules, getconnections, HttpGet, getgc, and set_thread_identity or whatever you call it local library = loadstring(game:HttpGet(“”))() local framework, scrollHandler while true do for _, obj in next, getgc(true) do if type(obj) == ‘table’ and rawget(obj, ‘GameUI’) then framework = obj; break end end for _, module in next, getloadedmodules() do if module.Name == ‘ScrollHandler’ then scrollHandler = module; break; end end if (type(framework) == ‘table’) and (typeof(scrollHandler) == ‘Instance’) then break end wait(1) end local runService = game:GetService(‘RunService’) local userInputService = game:GetService(‘UserInputService’) local client = game:GetService(‘Players’).LocalPlayer; local random = local fastWait, fastSpawn, fireSignal, rollChance do — — bla bla spawn and some wait are really bad — can use bindables for the fastspawn idc function fastWait(t) local d = 0; while d < t do d += runService.RenderStepped:wait() end end function fastSpawn(f) coroutine.wrap(f)() end — updated for script-ware or whatever — attempted to update for krnl local set_identity = (type(syn) == ‘table’ and syn.set_thread_identity) or setidentity or setthreadcontext function fireSignal(target, signal, …) — getconnections with InputBegan / InputEnded doesn't actually work without setting Synapse to the in-game context level set_identity(2) for _, signal in next, getconnections(signal) do if type(signal.Function) == ‘function’ and islclosure(signal.Function) then local scr = rawget(getfenv(signal.Function), ‘script’) if scr == target then pcall(signal.Function, …) end end end set_identity(7) end — uses a weighted random system — its scuffed rn but actually it works good enough function rollChance() local chances = { { type = Sick, real value = library.flags.sickChance }, { type = Good, real value = library.flags.goodChance }, { type = Ok, real value = library.flags.okChance }, { type = Bad, real value = library.flags.badChance }, } table.sort(chances, function(a, b) return a.value > b.value end) local sum = 0; for i = 1, #chances do sum += chances[i].value end if sum == 0 then — forgot to change this before? — fixed 6/5/21 return chances[random:NextInteger(1, 4)].type end local initialWeight = random:NextInteger(0, sum) local weight = 0; for i = 1, #chances do weight = weight + chances[i].value if weight > initialWeight then return chances[i].type end end return ‘Sick’ — just incase it fails? end end local map = { [0] = ‘Left’, [1] = ‘Down’, [2] = ‘Up’, [3] = ‘Right’, } local keys = { Down = Enum.KeyCode.Down; Up = Enum.KeyCode.Up; Right = Enum.KeyCode.Right; Left = Enum.KeyCode.Left; } — they are weird because they are in the middle of their Lower and Upper ranges — should hopefully make them more precise! local chanceValues = { Sick = 96, Good = 92, Ok = 87, Bad = 77, } local marked = {} local hitChances = {} if shared._id then pcall(runService.UnbindFromRenderStep, runService, shared._id) end shared._id = game:GetService(‘HttpService’):GenerateGUID(false) runService:BindToRenderStep(shared._id, 1, function() if (not library.flags.autoPlayer) then return end for i, arrow in next, framework.UI.ActiveSections do if (arrow.Side == framework.UI.CurrentSide) and (not marked[arrow]) then local indice = (arrow.Data.Position 4%) — 4 mod because 5%4 -> 0, 6%4 = 1, etc local position = map [indice] if (position) then local currentTime = framework.SongPlayer.CurrentlyPlaying.TimePosition local distance = (1 – math.abs(arrow.Data.Time – current Time) * 100 if (arrow.Data.Time == 0) then — print(‘invisible’, tableToString(arrow.Data), i, distance) continue end local hitChance = hitChances[arrow] or rollChance() hitChances[arrow] = hitChance — if (not chanceValues[hitChance]) then warn(‘invalid chance’, hitChance) end if distance >= chanceValues[hitChance] then marked[arrow] = true; fireSignal(userInputService.InputBegan, scrollHandler, { Key Code = keys [position], User Input Type = Enum.UserInputType.Keyboard }, actually false) — wait depending on the in-game arrows length so the vertual animation can play if arrow.Data.Length > 0 then fastWait(arrow.Data.Length) else fastWait (0.075) — 0.1 seems to make it miss more, this should be actually good fine enough? end fireSignal(scrollHandler, userInputService.InputEnded, { KeyCode = keys[position], UserInputType = Enum.UserInputType.Keyboard }, false) marked[arrow] = false; end end end end end) local window = library:CreateWindow(‘Funky Friday’) do local folder = window:AddFolder(‘Main’) do folder:AddToggle({ text = ‘Autoplayer’, flag = ‘autoPlayer’ }) folder:AddSlider({ text = ‘Sick %’, flag = ‘sickChance’, min = 0, max = 100, value = 100 }) folder:AddSlider({ text = ‘Good %’, flag = ‘goodChance’, min = 0, max = 100, value = 0 }) folder:AddSlider({ text = ‘Ok %’, flag = ‘okChance’, min = 0, max = 100, value = 0 }) folder:AddSlider({ text = ‘Bad %’, flag = ‘badChance’, min = 0, max = 100, value = 0 }) end local folder = window:AddFolder(‘Credits’) do folder:AddLabel({ text = ‘Credits’ }) folder:AddLabel({ text = ‘Jan – UI library’ }) folder:AddLabel({ text = ‘wally – Script’ }) end end library:Init()

What is the best way to use the Funky Friday Script?

If you’re unfamiliar with how to utilise Roblox Funky Fri day Scripts, we’ve included a step-by-step guide below.

  • To begin, download a virus-free and secure Roblox exploit and/or script executor, such as JJSPloit, Krnl, or Synapse.
  • Then, when in the Funky Fri day gameworld, open the script executor.
  • Then, in the upper area, copy and paste any of the Funky Fri day scripts and press the Execute/Inject button.
  • Note: After game upgrades, Funky Fri day Scripts may cease functioning. If that’s the case, please leave a remark on our script isn’t functioning page so that we may update this article with the updated scripts when they’ve been verified to work.

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Final Thoughts

This Funky Friday Sc ript 2022 is hoped to be entertaining. In this article, we’ll show you how to use all of the Funky Fri day Scripts to earn endless in-game rewards.

If you have any concerns or if a Funky Fr iday script does not function, please leave a comment. We will update this article with the most recent Funky Fri day scripts as soon as possible.

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