Sonic Frontiers won’t be delayed, according to Sega

Sonic Frontiers will still be released in 2022, according to Sega, who is confident in the game’s quality despite reservations over early playable video.

Sonic Frontiers was delayed longer than usual. It’s been over five years since Sonic Forces, the last core Sonic game. The first open-world (or “open-zone,” as Sega puts it) Sonic game is on pace to debut this holiday season, despite fan worries.

Sonic Frontiers’ release has been…interesting. Sonic Frontiers’ marketing has puzzled many fans. The initial gameplay clip Sega published was received with mixed reviews, with some fans calling it incomplete. This has led to discussion about whether the game should be postponed till 2023 like many open-world games.

Sega on Sonic Frontiers

Sega Sammy executives Koichi Fukazawa and Makoto Takahashi said in a recent financial conference, “We do not contemplate postponing the launch at this stage.” They plans to include as much fan input as possible “in the production timetable.”
This latest statement echoes Sonic Team boss Takashi Iizuka, who in June addressed concerns over the game’s lack of polish and said those who are worried don’t understand its gameplay. Sega appears confident enough in the game to commit to releasing it this year.

Sonic Frontiers

Fans’ concerns are reasonable. The terrible debuts of high-profile games like Cyberpunk 2077 have made many players wary of any game that seems incomplete. At this point, referencing Sonic’s history of bad game launches has become trite. Sega hopes Sonic Frontiers to get good reviews from reviewers, which won’t happen if the game is rushed.

Sonic Frontiers has a new open environment, updated combat systems, and fan-favorite Sonic comic creator Ian Flynn. Sega thinks it has a winner, and hopefully it is. Sonic Frontiers will be shown out later this month at Gamescom.

Sonic Frontiers is coming to PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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