Elite Dangerous: Guide To Mining

Elite dangerous mining: Odyssey is right around the corner, and we’re updating our mining tutorial to cover some more of the essentials to help new players step into the world of Elite Dangerous for the first time.

Elite Dangerous is a difficult game to master, especially when it comes to gathering resources, selling them, and executing profitable mining expeditions that cover the cost of running pricey ships and mining equipment. This updated book will teach you all you need to know about mining, gathering valuable ores, and making money.

Mining is straightforward: you mine asteroids containing minerals, gather the minerals, refine them, and sell them to stations for a profit. Asteroid belts and Resource Extraction Sites (RES) are both good places to mine asteroids.

Elite dangerous mining

Elite, dangerous mining: Where do I begin?

To begin mining in Elite, you’ll need the following items: Dangerous a refinery and a laser for mining. Once you have these, simply go to an asteroid belt or a RES and look for asteroids to mine. Then, with your cargo scoop, pick up chunks of rock that fly off the asteroid using the mining laser. Then, on the right menu of the ship, near the cargo tab, go to the Refinery module and refine it. When you have collected 100% of the mineral, it will change into 1 ton of that mineral. You can then sell it to stations who are interested in purchasing it. Starting with the most important resource and working your way down to the least important, here are the minerals you should always pick up:

  • Platinum
  • Palladium
  • Gold
  • Silver

The Cobra Mk III is the suggested ship for miners because it has a huge cargo capacity and is a great ship overall. Here are some other good systems to look into:

  • Polahukuna
  • Sawahinn
  • 20 Opiuchi
  • Delkar
  • Ras Elased Borealis


  • The refinery module is required to refine mineral pieces in order to obtain 1 ton of that mineral.
  • A mining laser is used to extract mineral fragments from asteroids in the asteroid belts and RES.
  • Cargo Rack Upgrade: This allows you to transport more minerals, allowing you to spend more time at RES and asteroid belts and sell more minerals.
  • Auto Field-Maintenance Unit: Having one of these on hand in case pirates try to steal your cargo is a good idea. If something breaks, like your cargo hold, you can use this to save it right away.

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