Xbox Elite Series 2: The top PC game controller is now Affordable

Xbox Elite Series 2: An Economical Elite Series 2 Controller Microsoft recently unveiled the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 ‘Core’, available this month for $129.99. While sporting a white color scheme, this controller shares many similarities to our favourite PC gaming controller, except it doesn’t come with charging case with thumbsticks, d-pad, and paddles like its bigger brother does. You must still pay $60 for the component kit to get everything you need – simply replace any damaged pieces!

This component pack does not include a thumbstick adjustment tool or USB-C charging cord, making it an economical way to save money on an excellent controller if you don’t need to swap out d-pads or thumbsticks.

Xbox Elite Series 2: Price

Xbox Elite Series 2

The Elite 2 does not feature a Share button; rather, its middle button switches controller profiles. To utilize this feature on an Xbox Series X/S console, you’ll have to navigate menus manually.
On September 23rd, Xbox and Amazon will offer the new Elite Series 2 Core controller for $129.99; preorder the component pack for an additional $59.99. Amazon currently has the black Xbox Elite Series 2 controller with component pack at a discounted rate of $155.99 – that’s $25 off its regular price of $179.99; purchasing both at once will save you money!

Microsoft is expected to introduce Xbox DesignLab controllers this Christmas for customizing colors. Although prices have yet to be revealed, Microsoft’s DesignLab Series S/X controllers cost $69.99 – $10 more expensive than ordinary controllers. So it appears Microsoft may follow a similar pricing strategy with Elite Series 2 Core DesignLab controllers as well.

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