Xbox Elite Series 2: The top PC game controller is now Affordable

Xbox Elite Series 2: A more economical Elite Series 2 controller. Microsoft announced the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 ‘Core’, releasing this month for $129.99. Aside from its new white colour scheme, the Elite Series 2 Core has the same design and functions as our favourite PC gaming controller. The Core controller doesn’t have a charging case with thumbsticks, d-pad, and paddles like the Elite Series 2 controller. You must pay $60 for the component kit.

But it comes with a thumbstick adjustment tool and a USB-C charging cord. Not included the component pack is a smart way to save money on an outstanding controller, particularly if you don’t want to swap d-pads or thumbsticks.

Xbox Elite Series 2: Price

Xbox Elite Series 2

The Elite 2 lacks a Share button. The middle button changes controller profiles. If you wish to utilise the share button on an Xbox Series X/S, you’ll have to navigate menus.
The new Elite Series 2 Core controllers go on sale September 23 for $129.99 on Xbox and Amazon. The component pack may be preordered for $59.99. Amazon offers the black Xbox Elite Series 2 controllers with component pack for $155.99, $25 off the regular price of $179.99. It’s cheaper than purchasing Core and components.

This Christmas, the controllers will be introduced to Xbox DesignLab for colour customization. Microsoft hasn’t disclosed, although DesignLab Series S/X controllers cost $69.99, $10 more than ordinary controllers. So Microsoft may pursue a similar price approach for Elite Series 2 Core DesignLab controllers.

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