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Escape From Tarkov Shoreline Map Guide December 2023

Are you playing Escape From Tarkov’s new shoreline map December 2023? The map is massive, like a maze of loot points with several large spawn areas. To help you out with this massive task, here’s an informative Guide: Escape From Tarkov ShorelineMap Guide

Battle Station Games’ Escape from Tarkov is a realistic sniper game available for Windows that falls under the Sniper, Hardcore and RPG genres. Although still in Beta testing, its believable depiction of survival and inventory management have already won over many fans.

In Escape from Tarkov, there is no HUD to monitor fitness, ammunition or player role; rather, gameplay requires you to figure it out for yourself from the beginning. But for newcomers this can make adjusting to the gameplay much harder. So in this article we’ll provide a comprehensive guide on the Shoreline map in this game – helping you discover everything there is to know about this shoreline map in Escape from Tarkov!

New Escape From Tarkov Shoreline Map Guide 2022
New Escape From Tarkov Shoreline Map Guide 2023

New Escape From Tarkov Shoreline Map Guide December 2023

Another map suitable for those who enjoy medium and long-range fighting is the shoreline. This map features a beach, small villages, as well as a spa for health care purposes.

The resort is a bustling hub that attracts many players in search of close quarter battles. In the upcoming segment, we’ll examine this in greater detail; but for now, take some time to explore this captivating map in general! There are plenty of intriguing nooks and crannies for players to discover!

New Map Shorline Map Full Guide

shoreline map

Spawn Points

Spawning points may be located on either the left or right side of the map, and the game will automatically direct players in their opposite direction for retrieval from their spawn spot.

New Escape From Tarkov Shoreline Map Guide 2021
Shoreline Map Guide 2023

Spawns on this vast map are dispersed, as its size allows. You can spawn almost everywhere except the middle, so they tend to cluster near its edges – like on the beach!

Points of reference

shoreline map Since there is no HUD map and location system available in this game, you have to use comparisons to find out your role. You will find lots of them on the map to get to know your place.

The primary comparison point will, of course, be the beach. And when you are far from it and you crawl over something that is fairly tall, the beach is clear.


  • If you find yourself near the Lighthouse on the shoreline, that places you in the top left corner of the globe and in the bottom left corner of a shoreline map.
  • You can see swampy fields with plenty of run-down infrastructure in the upper left corner. Walking through such swamps would significantly slow you down; your pace would be considerably diminished.
  • At the bottom right corner of the globe, if you see either a radio tower or radar tower, it means you are there! These structures can be seen from quite some distance away.
  • Even though the resort will serve as a key reference point for players from the top sections of the world, any gaps or imperfections that form will be easily apparent.
  • Telephone cables run along the map (Power Lines?), providing access to other reference points if you notice either of them. Both originate at a power station.

Choke Points

Chokepoints on this map are few and far between due to the small size. However, with greater SCAV or player focus, three key locations must be considered when making decisions.

  • Due to the loot accessible, the resort is very likely to have many guests.
  • The Bridge of the North River, which is the only route to cross the river.
  • South Bridge to the Water. This is the key point in the south section of the map for crossing the channel (through the power station).
New Update Escape From Tarkov Shoreline Map Guide December 2022

The Health Resort

The resort consists of three wings – the fronts of east and west wings, as well as the rear admin wing. On both left and right wings there are three levels with a cellar; similarly in the admin wing there are two floors plus a cellar. There are plenty of locked rooms throughout but also some non-locked ones.

Power StationExtraction points
On this map, the power station is a major choke point. Here you’ll find several SCAV spawning areas and intense PVP battles if you’re looking for some serious gaming action. So if you want something serious, this is definitely worth visiting!
Any keys spawned here for use in the resort can also be found here, along with several other loots. But be careful! By taking the road towards the southernmost part of the map by the gas station, you may miss this point entirely. Select according to your playing theme for optimal success!
As is common, there are both permanent and variable extraction points on a shoreline map. Let’s begin with some of the permanent extraction points.
West-Spwaned playersEast-Spawned player
Road to customs. You can find this Southeast corner of the map. Just follow the southern coastal road towards the east side, you’ll find the exit.
Wrecked Lane Tunnel: Take the road to the west in a similar direction, and you’ll enter this tunnel. For each of these excerpts, the main point is the route. You will literally get pulled out if you find the lane.
Potential Extractions

Rock Passage and Peer Boat: These are one-time excerpts. In order to get extracted, that means you should be first to get there.
If you’re exhausted from battling in the resort or you are sick, the rock passage would be a nice escape spot. Only look high over the spot for green smoke. If you see that, then it’s nice for you to go.
CCP temporary

For certain players, this extraction point will also occur. You should verify that there are lights in the field, however. If no lights are available, then the point of extraction is not open


Gameplay adaptions

There are several ways to play this map, as discussed early on. The flow of the map is therefore not limited to any single type. But you can check out the one that suits you from below.

  • With a sniper rifle, long-range (mostly towards the bottom portion of the map.)
  • Drive for fights of loot and PVP (Towards the resort, which is the main place people rushing.)


At the time of publication, there was no knowledge about the SCAV boss on this index. However, later it was added to the game wiki page. The boss is known as Sanitor and can be found mainly around Port or Pier areas as well as east and west wing regions of Locked Cottage area or Wellness Retreat. Along with two fully armored guards trailing him behind him, he carries around a Sanitor Bag which serves as his special equipment.


As you can see, the shoreline map is an effective option for medium to long-range battles. Due to its size and lack of immediate spawn battles, this map should be ideal even for beginners or inexperienced gamers. Start out with some basic items with our Escape From Tarkov Shoreline Map guide!

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