Escape from Tarkov Interchange Map Full Guide March 2023


Escape from Tarkov is an MMO FPS game from the Russian game company, Battlestation. It features a very realistic and hardcore gameplay. It is important to learn the Escape from Tarkov Interchange Map Guide so that you can play according.

From their current position to the extraction point, players must work independently. There are many maps in the game, including Woods, Factory and Customs. Interchange is one of these maps. It offers extensive PVP battles as well as high-quality looting opportunities.

There are so many places and possibilities to explore, it is easy to get lost on the map. This article is a map guide for Escape from Tarkov Interchange, which will prepare new players. We will cover the overall layout and flow of the map, as well as the best strategies and techniques to extract and survive.



Escape from Tarkov: The Interchange is located at the intersection of Tarkov’s main transport routes. It connects Tarkov’s port to its industrialized outskirts, which are featured in-game as Customs. The “ULTRA” shopping mall is located in the middle of the area. It houses dozens of small shops (one can find almost anything there, from provisions and medicines to jewelry and weapons to electronics), and three hypermarket-sized ones, OLI, GOSHAN, and IDEA. Killa, a Scav Boss, is located on the 1st floor. This heavily armored and heavily armed opponent poses a serious threat for any player, even the most well-equipped. 

Escape from Tarkov Interchange Map Full Guide

He can be defeated and provides access to some of the most valuable and expensive helmets and armors in the game, including the Maska 1Sch helmet (Killa), with a face shield, and a modified 6B13 M assault armour (Killa’s version is lighter, does not restrict mobility as much, but is less protected). Because of the abundance of loot, Killa is very popular with squads of players. This makes the Interchange extremely dangerous for solo Raiders. The Interchange Raids last 55 minutes each and feature 9-14 players, as well as multiple NPC Scavs scattered throughout the area.

Escape from Tarkov Interchange Map Full Guide

Points of interest

The Interchange has a lot of interesting places to visit, including a Power Station and a huge shopping mall with dozens upon dozens of small shops.

Important 1: Clicking the map left-clicked will open the full-size version in a new tab.

Important 2: This section will be expanded and made more detailed over time. Some points of interest that are too bulky might be split, while others will be added. Please see the following:


1. Power Station

The Power Station, which supplied the mall with electricity. This area contains several small buildings, including maintenance rooms, guard buildings, and shacks, as well as a large power station building. This is also where you will find the extraction point (through the black SUV that is parked at the back; it will run you 3000 Roubles). You can either bring cash with you or you can easily steal it from any of the cash registers in the mall. It is only for one time and may not be available if someone has already used it.
Locale –The map is located in the north-east corner of the IDEA store. Our Map shows the Power Station as number 3.
Possible LootMultiple Toolboxes, two Fuel Conditioner Spawnings, and multiple Lootable Jackets can be found in Station’s main building.The Station’s office is accessible from either the inside or the exterior. It contains four PC Blocks and Jackets. There is also a File Cabinet.Some Toolboxes for Inside Shacks


One retail store that belonged to a multinational company that designs and manufactures shoes, clothes and accessories. This is a very popular location in Slavic countries. This is where Scavs, PMCs, and other Slavic people like to “purchase their uniforms,” including the Adik Tracksuit.*.*The Ragman’s “Stylish one” Quest, which requires you to kill Killa Scav boss 100 more times, is not directly connected with ADIK. It awards you the above-mentioned Adik Tracksuit.
Notice: Killa Scav Boss patrols the area along with the escalators.
Locale –The 1st floor of the mall (ground floor), is located just north-west from the southern escalator. It is on the other side of the corridor that leads to Generic and KINA Outlet. ADIK is listed as number 9 on our Map. Escape from Tarkov Interchange Map
Possible Loot– A Weapon Box, three Jackets and a Duffle bag. There is also some loose loot such as a possible hat, backpack and armor that rarely spawns.


EMERCOM Medical Unit can be accessed if you have a need for medical supplies. However, it requires a key to access. Mantis, which does not require a password, is your best option. The key to EMERCOM Medical Unit [MES] is located on Customs – At the back of an ambulance parked at the “new” gas station.
Locale –The mall’s first (ground) floor is located by the open plaza at the mall’s northern section. Turn left after the Mantis and the EMERCOM will be on your left if you enter through the main entrance. EMERCOM is marked at number 7 on our Map.
Possible Loot– Many medical supplies including 3 Medbags, a Jacket and a Weapon Crate Escape from Tarkov.

4. Mantis

This store was strengthened and converted into a hospital/infirmary field during the EMERCOM evacuation. Some of the supplies were left behind by peacekeeping forces as they fled the area. However, some weren’t found yet which means that Mantis remains a reliable source of medication. Escape from Tarkov Interchange Map
Notice: Killa Scav Boss patrols the area along with the escalators.
Locale –The mall’s ground floor is located in the central part of the main corridor to the north-west and left of KIBA. Mantis is listed as number 8 on our Map.
Possible Loot: Three Medbags, some loose loot, including a possible Gold Chain on the shelf at the back of the store and some medical supplies), two Jackets and a Duffle Bag.


Cheap, assemble-it-yourself, furniture store inspired by a certain Swedish company (guess which…)*. You will find a lot of industrial/hardware items inside, as you would expect.*Tarkov’s developers lack the appropriate licensing. They can’t use real-life storenames and can use counterfactual ones which can be easily associated with real ones Escape from Tarkov.
Locale –The mall’s northern part is located on the 1st floor (ground floor), just south-west from the Power Station. IDEA is listed as number 3 on our Map.

Possible Loot 

  • Numerous rare spawns, including Lion and Cat Statues, are scattered around the area.
  • Numerous lootable Toolboxes are available and many industrial items.
  • 20 Cash Registers (Key to the registers spawns within the bus that is just north of IDEA; it can be found on one of the front seat).
  • Electronics and industrial items are stored in the storage area.
  • The office (cubicle area): PC Blocks, technological articles, and a Duffle bag.

4. Goshan

Goshan was inspired by a chain of hypermarkets in France that belonged to a French multinational retail company. It is also the largest store in the Ultra shopping mall. If you have Goshan Registers key, it is the best place for Attention Skill. This is the best place to shop for groceries. If you pay more attention, you may also find rare or valuable items.
Locale –The western part of “Ultra”, Shopping Mall, is located on the 1st floor (ground floor). Head straight from the main entrance. Goshan is listed as number 4 on our Map.
Possible Loot– The front of the store contains multiple provisions, including Tushonka.27 lootable cash registers (locked; they need Key to Goshan [Goshan]) that can be found at Customs – inside a white bus that was used to block roads near the “new” Gas Station.Multiple Weapon Boxes are scattered throughout the store and warehouse.You will find rare items spawned in the lockers such as Bitcoins, Gold chains and Rolexes.There are many technological items that can be found on the shelves at the back of the store, such as Car Batteries, Gun Powders, Screwdrivers and Spark Plugs. You can also find this information here.

5. OLI

The OLI home improvement supply store was inspired by two real-life home improvements retailing businesses (logo and color scheme are inspired by one and another, guess what; a hint is that one is German and the other is French)..This is a great place to find all kinds of building materials for your Hideout. It is well worth checking out.
Locale –The mall’s southern part is located on the 1st floor (ground) floor, just north of the Emercom Checkpoint. OLI is marked number 3 on our Map.
Possible Loot All sorts of building/industrial/technical materials and equipment (hoses, propane tanks, car batteries, Gas Analyzers, etc. These are just a few examples.18 Cash Registers (Key to the Registers is located in the OLI’s logistic office, western section).PC Blocks in OLI’s offices (Keys needed for access to some of them: Key to OLI Administrator Office [OLI Office] and Key to OLI Logistics Department Office [Log. Office].

6. Generic

This abandoned store was built during the EMERCOM evacuation from Tarkov. It was also fortified when the riots broke. Now, despite being plunder when they broke out, it’s a surprising source of loot. Because the peacekeeping forces left some equipment behind, it’s a good place to get loot. Generic is close to KIBA so it is important to take care when looting this place.
Notice: Killa Scav Boss patrols the area along with the escalators.
Locale –The 1st floor (or ground) of the mall, near the KIBA outlet and the main southern staircase. Our Map shows Generic as Number “5”.
Possible Loot: Grenade spawns in a Wooden Generic’s entrance has a crate. There are 3 lootable weapon crates and a weapon cabinet inside the store. Jewelry and rare items can be spawned on the bad at the back.


The KIBA Weapons Store… a dream come true for any PMC or Scav. The store is stocked with weapons, mods and attachments for weaponry, as well as other military equipment. It is filled with weapons, weapon attachments/mods, and other military equipment.To access the store, you will need two keys:Key to KIBA Outlet grate doors [KIBA 2] – opens KIBA’s grate doors. This key can only be obtained by completing the Gunsmith Part 11 quest (or you can buy it at the Flea Market).Key to KIBA outlet [KIBA] – The Key spawns at the Goshan shop at one of the campsites (on a Book, behind a Tent).
Notice: Killa Scav Boss patrols the area along with the escalators.
Locale- The 1st floor (or ground) floor is the central part of the mall. Continue straight through the main entrance past the “Brutal”, KIBA will be the first store to the left in the right side corridor. KIBA is listed as number 5 on our Map.
Possible Loot– Possible Fully-kitted Weapon Spawnings (AK-74N and M4A1, Shotguns and Handguns).Multiple Weapon Mods and Weapon Attachments can be found on the shelves and inside cabinets.Grenades in a container that is close to the counterWeapon Cabinet, two cash registers, loose change, and two weapon crates.
Possible Helmets and Armors that may spawn (Sphere-S helmet and IOTV Gen4 Armor and many more).


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