How to Use Minecraft Color Codes New Update April 2024

Minecraft sold over one million units globally. This guide will focus on exploring the color codes found within Minecraft that can be utilized while playing through in-game commands.

Codes in Minecraft allow gamers to customize the color text. These codes may also be used for assigning colors to teams or changing leather armor colors. Format codes also alter font appearance in-game; making text bolder, italicized, underlined or italicized is possible. Format codes also serve to emphasize messages when messaging people in game chat.

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List of Minecraft Color Codes

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I have put up a list of color codes gamers widely use in Minecraft. Also, you can find the formatting codes which are for making the text bold, italic, underline, or reset the default color.

List of Format Codes

Name of Color Chat Code The Message of the Day Code Decimal Value Hexadecimal Value
white       §f  \u00A7f  16777215    FFFFFF
green       §a   \u00A7a  5635925    55FF55
black       §o    \u00A70    0    000000
blue       §9    \u00A79  5592575     5555FF
dark_purple       §5     \u00A75  11141290     AA00AA
dark_gray       §8      \u00A78  5592405     555555
gray       §7      \u00A77  11184810     AAAAAA
aqua       §b      \u00A7b  5636095      55FFFF
red       §c      \u00A7c  16733525       FF5555
dark_red      §4      \u00A74  11141120       AA0000
dark_aqua      §3      \u00A73  43690       00AAAA
dark_green      §2      \u00A72  43520       00AA00
light_purple      §d      \u00A7d  16733695       FF55FF
gold      §6      \u00A76  16755200       FFAA00
dark_blue      §1      \u00A72   170       0000AA
yellow      §e      \u00A7e    16777045       FFFF55

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Here are the format codes you can use to style the in-game text and change its look.

  What the Code Does    Chat Code   The Message of the Day Code
Bold       §l              \u00A7l
Italic       §o              \u00A7o
Underline       §n               \u00A7n
Strikethrough       §m               \u00A7m
Reset the default color        §r                \u00A7r
Obfuscated        §k                \u00A7k

These commands in Minecraft’s chat can be used to alter the color or appearance of text. If you’re into crafting, give this a try and see what works for you!

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