BitLife: how to escape prison in bitlife ? (all jail designs) 2024

Escape Prison in BitLife 2024: Life Simulator is a widely-popular smartphone game that continues to gain steam. People are flocking to BitLife in 2021 due to its extensive array of mini-games. BitLife promises hours of enjoyable entertainment.

BitLife features a minigame in which players must escape from all prisons. Players who have played the game know how challenging it can be to escape prison, which is why so many gamers have recently asked about how to successfully complete a BitLife prison escape.

BitLife offers three types of prisons: minimum, medium and maximum. Each map is unique but if you’re in one of BitLife’s low or medium prisons you can easily escape; however if you find yourself in the maximum prison then escaping may require considerable effort and persistence.

Notably, if you are caught fleeing jail in BitLife, the court may sentence you to an additional few years for “Attempted Escape.” Therefore, only attempt it if you are fully prepared.

BitLife: In 2024, how to escape prison in bitlife ? (all jail designs)

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of jail maps and their solutions to make your job much simpler. First, let me explain how to enter prison in BitLife before teaching you how to escape from any prison in the game.

BitLife: How to Break Free from Any Prison (Min, Med, and Maximum Jail Layouts)

To go to prison in BitLife, you just have to commit a crime, just like in real life. If you commit a crime, you will be sacked from your current employment and sentenced to prison. Notably, there are certain professions available to you as a prisoner, but they do not pay well.

BitLife: How To Get Out Of Any Prison

Escapeing a high-security prison in BitLife can be challenging, but there are some techniques and tricks you can use to break out quickly. Remember: the guard moves twice as fast as you do!

This guard’s mistake is that he only walks horizontally first. Therefore, we’ll need to barricade him against the prison walls in order to escape. You can still move freely even when surrounded by police officers after all, they will move horizontally first.

He only moves horizontally, so if there is a wall above him after that he can easily capture you. While this strategy may not be the only way to escape jail in BitLife, it is by far the simplest. In addition to providing this strategy, we also provide cheat sheets for each map layout as well as videos that explain it clearly and concisely.

Maximum Security Prisons Layout

1. Maximum Security – 8×8 : Youtube Visit Here

2. Maximum Security – 8×8 : Youtube Visit Here

3. Maximum Security – 8×8 : Youtube Visit Here

4. Maximum Security – 8×8 : Youtube Visit Here

5. Maximum Security – 8×8 : Youtube Visit Here

6. Maximum Security – 8×8 : Youtube Visit Here

7. Maximum Security – 8×8 : Youtube Visit Here

8. Maximum Security – 8×8 : Youtube Visit Here

9. Maximum Security – 8×7 : Youtube Visit Here

Minimum and Medium Security Prisons Layout

1. 3×4 Map

2. 5×7 Map

3. 5×7 Second Map

4. 5×6 Map

5. 5×5 Map

6. 7×4 Map

7. 6×5 Map

8. 6×6 Map

9. 6×6 Second Map

10. 5×4 Map

11. 4×4 Map

12. 4×4 Second Map

13. 4×4 Third Map

14. 3×5 Map

BitLife: How To Acquire Each Ribbon

BitLife rewards players with various ribbons for successfully escaping jail. Cunning, Deadly, Houdini, Scandalous and Jailbird are just a few of the titles available to be earned if you can successfully escape.

Ribbon of the Jailbirds

In BitLife, to earn this ribbon you must visit a jail and escape three to four times. After that, retire to your cage and age until death does you part. Upon completing these steps, you’ll receive the Jailbird Ribbon!

Ribbon Houdini

Similar to Jailbird Ribbon, you must visit the jail multiple times in order to escape. Level up and reach age 60 before robbing homes and getting arrested; otherwise, you’ll end up back at jail without raising an alert.

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