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Fortnite Escape Room Codes: Latest Codes (June 2023)


Fortnite Escape Room Codes: Fortnite Escape Rooms are a creative style gaming mode. Fortnite users may input codes to visit other players’ creations, therefore there are many innovative Escape Rooms to uncover. Read on for Fortnite Escape Room codes.

What is an Escape Room? Fortnite Escape Room Codes

Fortnite Creative Mode has Escape Room minigames. Puzzles, hints, and riddles must be solved to exit locked rooms.

Fortnite Escape Room Codes

Fortnite Escape Room Codes (June 2023)

  • Cruise Ship Escape 1: 2798-4561-6810
  • Cruise Ship Escape 2: 4816-5359-0327
  • Cruise Ship Escape 3: 6697-1781-1082
  • Agents Escape: 8512-0541-8119
  • Trick or Treat Escape Horror: 0488-5674-4701
  • The Yacht Escape Map: 2157-9440-2192
  • Escape Game – A Night of Horror: 6299-1937-3043
  • Farm Escape: 8542-8143-4852
  • Agency Escape Room: 1425-2029-5505
  • 50 Ways Out: 5562-0386-0559
  • Impossible Escape Room: 4481-4367-0516
  • Skull and Bones has been postponed yet Again

Codes for the Best Traditional Fortnite Escape Room

Dungeon Prison (Puzzle): 5970-3385-0426

This Fortnite Escape Room map is a maximum-security jail. Can you reach the gateway to the outside?

Fortnite players must sneak past guards, dodge traps, and think creatively in Dungeon Prison (Puzzle). Some players report spending up to three hours in this Escape Room.


100 Rooms: 6126-3353-7805

100 Rooms is a beginner-friendly Escape Room with plenty of diversity. Fortnite players must navigate 100 little chambers instead of one massive one. These tiny Escape Rooms are less daunting than more difficult codes.

First Person Visual Escape: 1211-9143-2539


First Person Visual Escape is a Fortnite escape room. Fortnite gamers may not be accustomed to playing this map in first-person. First-person makes it difficult to solve problems and keep your bearings. This Fortnite Escape Room code is unique.

Lost Palace Escape Map: 8524-0737-1977

This Fortnite Escape Room has parkour along with riddles and mazes. This 17-level map has hidden chambers.

Hero’s Journey: 0288-3341-2858

Hero’s Journey is another basic code. This map’s RPG-style sets it apart from other Fortnite Escape Rooms.

Players must acquire artefact pieces to fight the Dark King and his army. This Escape Room is great for groups.

Best Fortnite Scary Escape Room Codes

Slender-man: The 8 Pages: 9368-6634-9099

This Slender-man-inspired Fortnite Creative map is terrifying. Players must gather eight hidden pages in a misty wilderness. Slender-man is following you, so it won’t be easy. His stare may be fatal.

Coulrophobia: 2655-9116-5877

Coulrophobia is the name of this Fortnite Escape Room code. Puzzle-solving is required to escape this clown-themed dungeon. This terrifying Fortnite Escape Room is stressful because of the eerie clowns.

Hospital 3 Escape Room (Horror): 1169-2163-2836 

Players use flashlights to traverse an abandoned hospital. This Escape Room has jump scares to get your pulse pumping. Hospital 3 Escape Room (Horror) doesn’t need parkour, thus anybody may finish it.

The third map in the Hospital Escape Room collection is this one. If you like this one, feel free to go back and finish the other two!

Escape the Camp: 8068-1556-5301

Players must flee a village camp while dodging a murderer in Escape the Camp. The murderer in this Escape Room is a genuine gamer. You or a friend will play the killer in this Fortnite Escape Room for 2-6 players. The murderer wants to bring the campers back to his cave. This Fortnite Escape Room map is fun with friends.

This collection includes Fortnite Escape Room codes for beginners and experts. Start with a code from the conventional Escape Rooms category if you want the classic Escape Room experience.

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