Tales Of Tanorio Type Tier List 2024: Chose your Best Character

Tales Of Tanorio Type Tier List: Tales of Tanorio provides Roblox players with an engaging adventure. While traversing its vibrant terrains and facing formidable foes, mastering various elemental types is key in reaching victory – don’t hesitate – unleash Tales of Tanorio today and embark upon this incredible journey.

Tales Of Tanorio Type Tier List

What is Tales Of Tanorio Type Tier List:

Tier lists categorize elements based on their effectiveness in battle, so here is an outline of some commonly utilized tiers:

  • S-Tier: These elements offer exceptional offensive and defensive abilities, making them highly desired components for competitive play.
  • A-Tier: Elements in this tier are potent contenders, offering a strong balance between offense and defense.
  • B-Tier: Tier two competitors represent strong opponents that offer both offensive and defensive capabilities.
  • C-Tier: Attributes in this tier may be appropriate in specific scenarios but could struggle against more dominant types.

Dominating the Battlefield: S-Tier and A-Tier Types

Let’s delve deeper into some key components that currently stand out in Tales of Tanorio metagame:


Tales Of Tanorio
TypeDefensive ResistancesOffensive Advantages
MetalFire, Ghost, Dragon, FightingGem, Ghost, Dark, Cosmic
LightFire, Ghost, Fairy, Dragon, FightingGem, Dark, Poison, Ghost, Dark, Cosmic


Tales Of Tanorio Type Tier List
TypeOffensive AdvantagesDefensive ResistancesVulnerabilities
FireGrass, Electric, IceWater, Earth, RockWater, Earth, Rock
ElectricWater, Flying, MetalGround, GrassGround, Grass
WaterFire, Earth, Rock FusionWater, Ice, Fire, Ice FusionGrass, Electricity, Cosm

Strategizing for Success: B-Tier and C-Tier Types

Reduce risk by tapping into lower-tier elements. Here is how you can strategically integrate them into your team:


Tales Of Tanorio
TypeDefensive ResistancesOffensive AdvantagesVulnerabilities
EarthElectric, Poison, Rock
GrassWater, Ground, RockFire, Ground, RockFire, Fly, Ice, Bug


TypeDefensive VulnerabilitiesOffensive Advantages
FightingNormal, Rock, Steel, Dark
BugGrass, Psychic, DarkGrass, Psychic, Dark

How to build a Balanced Team?

As always, remember tier lists should only serve as a useful guide, rather than providing definitive rules and solutions.

A balanced team that can both exploit opponent weaknesses while covering your own is key for success – here are a few suggestions on this front:

  • Type Coverage: Make sure your team possesses an array of types for dealing with varied opponents.
  • Synergy: Consider how Tenorians (Tales of Tanorio creatures) complement one another to maximize team effectiveness. Utilize status effects and support moves as appropriate to strengthen your squad and maximize its productivity.
  • Playstyle: When selecting your team composition, take into consideration what playstyle best fits.

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Understanding the Tales of Tanorio Type Tier List will enable you to make well-informed choices when creating your Tales of Tanorio team.

Experimentation and strategic thought both play key roles; with such knowledge at your fingertips and creativity at play, your Tales of Tanorio adventure could turn out successful.

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