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Escape from Tarkov Codes: Latest Promo Codes (April 2023)


Escape from Tarkov codes are scarce and don’t last long, but the benefits are worth it. Any opportunity to gain free stuff in Escape From Tarkov would be foolish to pass up. Read on to view Escape From Tarkov’s current and expired promo codes.

What is Escape from Tarkov Codes?

The following codes will typically provide you free firearms, armour, barter, and unique stuff. The codes will expire quickly, particularly if they’re attached to an episode of the Escape From Tarkov TarkovTV podcast.
Here are all the current Escape From Tarkov promo codes:

Escape from Tarkov Codes

Escape from Tarkov Codes (April 2023)

CodeDiscount/Deal OfferedTerms and Conditions
KazamFull refund on purchaseLimited time code
20902FN36230% discountNone
UZZFEED10% discountNone
2008NMAP4STU10% discount on first orderNone
SAVE 15% OFF15% off when you spend above $70None
23% OFF23% discount on new orders or upgradesNone
20% Cashback20% cashbackNone
25% Off25% discount on pre-orderNone
NOVABABE5-ZHGQSU30% discount on orderNone
NOVABABE5-SD62JR30% discount on orderNone
SEMI4030% off when you spend above $70None
pcnK2s30% off when you spend above $75None
WORK3030% discountNone

There will always be new codes if you miss the ones above. There’s always a fresh Escape From Tarkov cleanse, so objects aren’t retained permanently.

How to Redeem Escape from Tarkov Codes

The code presents are easy to obtain. Just follow the easy step-by-step tutorial.

If you attempt to redeem vouchers during a TarkovTV broadcast, you may encounter email verification or website failures. If this happens, stay patient and keep trying; you’ll pass.
How to use Escape From Tarkov coupons:

  • Head to your Escape From Tarkov profile on the official website.
  • Click on the ‘Activate Promo Code’ option on the right
  • Enter any of the active codes above exactly as it is written, and hit submit
  • Open up Escape From Tarkov and head to your messages
  • Either click ‘Get’ on each individual package, or ‘Receive All’ to claim all your promo codes

So, that’s all you need to know about Escape From Tarkov promo codes, including a list of valid and expired codes and a guide for redeeming them.

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