kaidou saiki k: Charector All Details, History, and More

kaidou saiki k: Shun Kaidou (lit. Kaid Shun) is referred to as a chuunibyou by his peers. Shun, who calls himself The Jet-Black Wings (lit. Shikkoku no Tsubasa), believes that an evil organization known as The Dark Reunion oversees and controls the world and its events.

He is an oddball in his class who enjoys bravado, but he is prone to cowardice in risky situations. When it comes down to it, he will put himself in danger for those he loves. Shun is one of the series’ key protagonists. In the live-action film, Yoshizawa Ryo portrayed him.

kaidou saiki k: Charector All Details, History, and More


Full NameKaidou Shun
Age16 years old
Blood typeAB
Height159 cm
Weight45 kg
ProfessionStudent, Waiter (formerly)
BirthOctober 3
Manga DebutChapter 06
Anime DebutSeason 1 Episode 1

Kaidou Shun personality

Shun had a nerd persona when he was in middle school. He had his hair down, his bangs obscuring his face, and he wore glasses. When he joined high school, though, he began to plot to transform himself in order to make friends. His hair is currently spiky, and he wears contact lenses. Shun wears scarlet bandages on both arms to seal away his ‘powers’ in reference to his chuunibyou. He is the shortest boy in his class, and he is also shorter than the majority of the girls.

Shun wears the PK Academy’s normal male uniform to school. His clothing is damaged in several spots and has a tattered collar. He is shown to dress casually on his days off, with his arms constantly covered by sleeves or bandages.

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Character Details

Shun used to be a loner in middle school, with no friends. As soon as he started at PK Academy, he began to change his personality in order to become more adult-like. He did, however, develop a demeanour similar to that of a chuunibyou. In order for other students to think he’s cool, he acts confident and conceited at school, lying about being incredibly powerful and talking about how an evil organisation called The Dark Reunion is after him and controlling the Earth.

This has been known to put him in danger on several occasions, such as when he told his friends that he led the rally against Saiko and panicked when Saiko was behind him, hearing his story and threatening to punish Kaidou, and another time when he told his friends that he tries to impress Saiki and the others on a regular basis. When he’s depressed or around his domineering mother, he acts like a typical adolescent.

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Despite his best efforts to please everyone, he still has few friends outside of his group of acquaintances and is a bit of a loner at school. Shun acts brave on the surface, but when confronted with danger, he flees in terror. He is physically frail and does poorly in sports and other forms of physical exertion. He is also unable to swim.

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Shun has a hallucinatory mind and an overactive imagination. In front of Kusuo, he tries to be cool and tough, but more often than not, he humiliates himself. He is quick to pass judgement on others, as evidenced by his accusation of Riki being a lolicon after spotting him studying a young girl.

Despite his delusions, Shun excels in school due to his stern mother’s insistence that he study in order to succeed. He is also stated to get good results in his class, indicating that he is not too preoccupied with his studies.

History Past

Shun was raised as a nerd, but in high school he resolved to change himself. He met Mineo Nobuaki, who taught Shun about chuunibyou, during his freshman year at PK Academy. He ultimately began to befriend Kusuo because he had the notion that Kusuo was also special. Kusuo did not want to connect with Shun at first, but he had no alternative after learning that Shun had seen him teleporting near his home.

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As was later revealed, Shun was determined to become close to Kusuo because he desperately needed a buddy and regarded a fellow outcast as an ally. When Shun was transported, he hadn’t seen Kusuo’s face, but their friendship had already begun.

Favourite Quotes

  • (About Kusuo) “I only wanted…to be friends with Saiki-kun.”
  • (To himself) “I won’t allow that to happen. I will protect the world! For I am The Jet-Black Wings!”
  • (To Riki) “I misjudged you, Nendou! Don’t you dare lay your hands to those frail little girls!”
  • (To Aren) “I don’t care about your past. What matters is who you are now and who you’ll be in the future!”


  • His name is taken from the Japanese word shunkan id, which means “teleportation.”
  • Aren is the only person who addresses him by his first name, aside from his family.
  • A chihuahua is his guardian spirit.
  • His aura has a chipmunk-like quality to it.
  • Salami is his favourite food.
  • “Bloody Moon” is his character song, which he sang in Episode 18.
  • A section of the song “Judgment Knights of Thunder Legendary Hero” plays occasionally as he is preparing to do an act.
  • A portion of another rendition of Judgment Knights of Thunder can be heard playing in Season 2 and Reawakened. “Continuous Judgment: Knights of Thunder End of Oblivion” is the name of this version.
  • His light-blue wavy hair and red eyes are strikingly similar to Sakata Gintoki from Gintama, another Hideaki Sorachi Weekly Shonen Jump series.
  • He shares the same voice actors in both the Japanese and English (Funimation dub) versions of the anime as Yuno from Black Clover, another Yuki Tabata Weekly Shonen Jump series.

Frequently Asked Question

What is Kaidou Shun height?

Kaidou Shun height is 159 cm.

Who is the voice actor for Kaidou Saiki K?

Nobunaga Shimazaki is a Japanese voice actor affiliated with Aoni Production provide voice for Kaidou Saiki k.

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