Two Tickets to Paradise: 5 things to know about Hallmark’s upcoming

Hallmark’s forthcoming romantic comedy: Hannah and Josh who had their engagement called off decide to go their separate honeymoons at different resorts but end up meeting up unexpectedly at one.

Hallmark Channel has quickly earned itself a name as an excellent provider of engaging love stories over time, producing captivating tales that remind viewers that love plays such an essential part in our lives and why showing kindness towards loved ones should always come first. They have built up quite the reputation with viewers over the years for producing tales not only charming and touching, but also captivatingly adorable ones too.

With “Two Tickets to Paradise,” Channel 9 intends to expand their collection and take viewers on an exhilarating adventure. It follows two individuals after they are each humiliated at their respective altars by being stood up, who find solace by meeting by chance later and discussing what went wrong; both decide after striking up conversations to go on their honeymoons and enjoy life together in blissfully unaware that they will both stay at the same resort during this trip!

Hallmark's upcoming romantic comedy
Hallmark’s upcoming romantic comedy

When and where can viewers view “Two Tickets to Paradise?”

On Saturday, June 25 at 8 pm ET, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries presents their forthcoming love-inspired flick, only available through their channel! Watch beautiful romance unfold by subscribing.

Hallmark movies can also be streamed and watched via iTunes, VUDU, Google Play, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

What inspired the name, Two Tickets to Paradise?

“After two weddings are marred by both bride and groom being left at the altar, they decide to go their separate ways despite realizing they will both end up at the same resort in Hawaii for their honeymoons,” according to the official synopsis of this film.

Who will be in the upcoming Hallmark film?

Ashley Williams will star as Hannah Holt for her 10th Hallmark movie while Ryan Paevey will portray Josh Wyatt for their forthcoming love drama.

Ashley has worked extensively with Hallmark over time and her fans adore her. Ashley made her feature film debut with “Indian Summer,” going on to star in films such as “Margin Call” and “Something Borrowed”. Ashley made her Hallmark network debut with 2015 film October Kiss; since then she has featured in other productions under their banner.

Last year, she appeared in two Hallmark movies entitled Sister Swap: A Hometown Holiday and “Sister Swap: Christmas in the City”, both films being received well by viewers.

Mary-Margret Humes as Alice; Kimee Balmilero (Kailani Reyes); Olivia Hoffman as Cee Cee Holt; Cody Easterbrook as Nick and Peter Togawa are some of the actors featured in Vic.


“Two Tickets to Paradise” was directed and written by Dustin Rikert with Tracy Andreen and Kevin Taft working as co-writers; Ricardo S. Galindez, Jason Sallee and Roy Tijoe served as executive producers on this film.


The film promises to be loads of fun, as evidenced by its teaser clip. Hannah and Josh find themselves feeling embarrassed at their respective altars when their partners fail to arrive as planned; later that same evening they go their separate honeymoons alone after talking and ultimately end up at the same resort – creating the start of a romantic love story between Hannah and Josh!

Preview – Two Tickets to Paradise – Hallmark Channel

Ashley Williams and Ryan Paevey star in the romantic movie

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