UFED Tool Latest Without data loss tool (All Model) 2024

Cellebrite has released the UFED Tool, an affordable software-based mobile forensic solution called UFED 4PC that works on any PC or laptop. Customers can enjoy cost savings, flexibility and ease of use with this versatile solution.

UFED 4PC Ultimate leverages the same reliable UFED technology, enabling users to extract, decode, analyze and report on a single platform. It extracts all data (even if it has been erased) from various devices such as legacy and feature phones, smartphones, portable GPS devices, tablets and phones with Chinese chipsets.

UFED Tool Latest Without data loss tool (All Model) 2024

The UFED Device Adapter is included in the UFED 4PC Ultimate package. It allows you to:

  • Extraction of devices via USB and RJ 45
  • SIM extraction and cloning
  • Extraction with the built-in Bluetooth module
  • Cellebrite UFED boasts the following attributes:
  • Gain legal access to locked devices with ease.
  • Popular Android and iOS devices allow you to quickly bypass pattern, password or PIN locks and fix encryption problems.
  • Support for a wide range of devices is available.
  • Data is collected from mobile phones, drones, SIM cards, SD cards, GPS devices and other sources.
  • Investigate further to obtain additional information legally.
  • With various data collection techniques, you can get the most information out of your digital devices.
  • Enhance your extraction process.
  • To recover cloud tokens and select app data, utilize selective collection.
  • Android smartphones give you access to over 40 applications.
  • Gain legal access to data from a vast and diverse collection of apps.

Tool’s advantage:

  • Investigations are made easier and more manageable with an all-inclusive mobile forensic solution.
  • UFED technology provides all physical, file system, and logical extraction capabilities with confidence.
  • Android smartphone physical extraction and decoding, including HTC, Motorola, Samsung Galaxy S, SII and SIII family models while bypassing pattern lock/password/PIN protection is possible.
  • Physical data extraction from BlackBerry(r) smartphones running OS 4-7. All BBM data, applications, emails, Bluetooth communication are decoded exclusively.
  • Apple devices running iOS3+ offer the most extensive capabilities for extraction and decoding data.
  • Physical extraction and decoding of passwords from locked Nokia BB5 devices–password extraction from a limited number of devices
  • By bypassing, exposing, or removing the user lock code on secured devices, you may gain unauthorized access.

Features that are beneficial:

  • Bypass Pattern, Password or PIN Locks on Popular Android and iOS Devices with Ease
  • For even more precise data collection, go deeper: to get the most from devices, perform logical, file system and physical extractions.
  • Exclusive bootloaders, automated EDL capabilities, Smart ADB, and other unbeatable recovery techniques are now available for download.
  • Data extraction from mobile phones, drones, SIM cards, SD cards, GPS devices and other electronic devices is supported.

Download UFED Tool Latest Without data loss tool (All Model)

Name: UFEDTool.zip
Size: 5.32 GB
Password: officialroms
Link: UFED Tool Site

How To Use It?

  • First, download the zip file from this URL.
  •  Finally, on your C: drive, unzip all files. This step is essential.
  •  Next, open the folder where you plan to extract all your files.
  •  Cellebrite UFED Setup and UFED4PC(Fat).exe should then be launched.
  •  Once installed on your computer, run the loader file included below. You may extract and run this file after unpackaging it from its package.
  •  Once the loader is open, click on the mount button but do not close it yet.
  •  Return to your desktop and launch the main file of the UFED Tool with administrative privileges.
  •  Connect your phone and take advantage of any desired functionality.
  •  Have a blast and an unforgettable trip.

Cellebrite UFED Dongle Manager v2 (Fixed Licensing Issue) | Bonjour! The new Tool Loader has been released, so there’s no longer any activation necessary – simply install the loader and run its file on your computer and the tool will open automatically.

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