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Battleground India pre-registration Now Start PUBG Mobile


PUBG Mobile India’s social networking pages have been altered, and registration for Battlegrounds Mobile India is underway on Google Play-Store despite not yet receiving official announcements regarding its launch. As previously reported in September this past year, PUBG Mobile was banned in India along with 118 other programs. Let us now look into more detail regarding registration procedures as well as principles…

Battleground India pre-registration Now Start PUBG Mobile
PUBG Mobile Credit By: Playstore

Battleground India pre-registration Now Start PUBG Mobile

You may search the sport below the title of BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA on the Google Play Store, but many similar programs on this name can also be available on the Play Store. However, you simply need to select the one with the title KRAFTON, Inc. composed onto it. Is.

Recently, Battlegrounds Mobile India revealed the beloved Sanhok map from PUBG Mobile via Facebook post – this map will also be included in their new game. One can even identify Ban Tai location on this map! Furthermore, they stated that new content would be added periodically into Battlegrounds Mobile India; thus making the experience feel very much like PUBG itself.


Krafton has made data privacy and information security their top priorities, and is committed to upholding them. The business is also working with various companies for information security measures. According to Krafton, all gamers of BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA will have their full personal details stored at its data centre in accordance with Government of India guidelines.

In an unprecedented move, PubG Mobile has explicitly stated that individuals under 18 will not have access to play with the game and if they would like to, they’ll need to discuss playing through their parent’s phone with them. This marks a marked improvement from last year when PubG Mobile’s ban caused widespread criticism about violent games on its platform. It seems clear why this conclusion was reached: the business wants to guarantee its yield remains healthy moving forward.



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