Diddy Sean Combs Net Worth 2024: Personal Life, Collections and A Lot More

Diddy Sean Combs Net Worth: Sean Combs, more popularly known by his stage names Puff Daddy, P. Diddy or simply Diddy is an multifaceted entertainment industry powerhouse. From rapping and producing to clothing lines and beverage empires – Diddy has taken his talents beyond hip-hop into business ventures of every kind.

Diddy Sean Combs Net Worth
Net WorthApproximately $800 Million (as of March 2024)
Age54 years old (born November 4, 1969)
ProfessionRapper, Record Producer, Entrepreneur, Fashion Designer

Diddy Sean Combs Net Worth Sources:

Diddy Sean
YearNet Worth
2019Around $750M
2023$800M (estimated)
2024(As of now)$1 billion
  • Music: Diddy has certainly contributed immensely through his career as a rapper and producer. His albums as well as royalties from artists signed to Bad Boy Entertainment continue to generate significant income streams for Diddy.
  • Fashion: Sean John has proven an important source of revenue. Their clothing and accessory offerings appeal to a diverse market.
  • Endorsements: Diddy has seen great success from his brand partnerships, particularly his longtime relationship with Ciroc vodka, in increasing his wealth.
  • Entrepreneurship: Diddy has successfully ventured into multiple businesses, such as Revolt TV and production company Diddy Media; more recently he invested in cannabis businesses – diversifying his income sources with these diversified investments.
  • Investments: Diddy has proven himself a wise investor by using his money for ventures with enormous growth potential.

Early Life and Career:

Diddy made his start as an entrepreneur from Harlem in New York where he interned at Uptown Records before founding Bad Boy Entertainment in 1993 – initially making waves through producing Notorious B.I.G’s career launch and his early success through producing it as well. Diddy used both creative vision and smart business acumen in making himself the go-to producer in music today.

Personal Life:

Diddy has six children from different relationships. Although his personal life remains relatively private, over the years he has been linked with numerous high-profile celebrities as well as supporting several charitable and educational causes.

Diddy Sean Combs Net Worth Car Collection:

Diddy Sean Combs Net Worth Car Collection
BrandPrice Range
Ferrari$200,000 – $500,000
Rolls-Royce$250,000 – $500,000+
Maybach$200,000 – $500,000+

Diddy Sean Combs Net Worth Art Collection: 

ArtistPrice RangeRecord Price
Jean-Michel Basquiat$10 million – $110.5 million$110.5 million (for “Untitled” in 2017)
Kehinde Wiley$50,000 – $500,000+
Kerry James Marshall$1 million – $21.1 million$21.1 million (for “Past Times” in 2018)
Andy Warhol$10 million – $105.4 million$105.4 million (for “Silver Car Crash” in 2013)
Ai Weiwei$10,000 – $5 million+

Diddy Sean Combs Net Worth Real Estate:

Diddy’s real estate portfolio speaks to his refined tastes. His home in Los Angeles boasts luxurious amenities and breath-taking views; in New York and Miami he owns properties to add further refinement to his luxurious lifestyle.


Sean “Diddy” Combs is an inspiring self-made millionaire. Through hard work, talent development, business acumen and smart investments he has amassed an immense fortune spanning from early days in music industry to current entrepreneurial ventures; Diddy’s constant reinvention and ability to recognize lucrative opportunities has contributed significantly to his success.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Sean P. Diddy Combs net worth?

Combs is a rapper, producer and entertainment mogul who has won three Grammys and whose net worth was estimated at close to $1 billion

Why is Puff Daddy so rich?

he had a successful career as a rap producer, a rap artist, and then founded the Sean John clothing brand.

Why did Sean Diddy Combs get raided?

Sean Combs’ homes on Monday, a law enforcement source confirmed to Rolling Stone, as part of a federal sex trafficking investigation.

What all does Puff Daddy own?

Puff Daddy now makes the bulk of his bucks on booze, particuarly his partnership with Diageo’s Ciroc vodka. His beverage empire also includes ownership in DeLeón tequila and Aquahydrate alkaline water.

How much does Diddy make from Ciroc?

$60 million annually.

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