Larry Kudlow Net Worth 2024: Success Story of TV Personality

Larry Kudlow Net Worth he is an American conservative economist, television personality, newspaper columnist with an estimated net worth of $32 Million.

According to his September 2019 financial disclosure form, Larry had stock holdings and other liquid assets worth at least $2 Million without including personal real estate holdings in this estimate. It also showed he earned approximately $800,000.00 per year through CNBC; additional earnings came from paid speeches/consulting work of between $100-200,000 annually.

Larry Kudlow Net Worth
NameLarry Kudlow
Net WorthEstimated $32 million (as of 2024)
Age76 years old (as of 2024)
ProfessionEconomist, Television Host, Political Commentator
OthersKnown for his collections of rare coins and historical artifacts
WikipediaMore Update

Larry Kudlow net worth Sources:

Larry Kudlow’s financial portfolio comprises various revenue streams:

  1. Television Hosting: Kudlow first achieved success through CNBC’s “The Kudlow Report,” where his insightful economic analyses attracted audiences while helping increase his income substantially.
  2. Consulting and Advice: Over his distinguished career, Dr. Kudlow has served as economic adviser for multiple political campaigns, administrations and corporations – providing invaluable insights and advice along the way.
  3. Kudlow can often command considerable fees when speaking at conferences, seminars and corporate events where his expertise in economic matters is sought by participants.
  4. Writing and Publications: Kudlow has made his money through publishing several economic policy-focused books as well as writing columns in prominent publications to establish his income stream.
Larry Kudlow net worth Sources
2021$25 million
2022$28 million
2023$30 million
2024$32 million

Larry Kudlow Early Life:

Lawrence Alan Kudlow was born August 20, 1947, in Englewood, New Jersey and attended both Rochester and Princeton Universities’ Woodrow Wilson Schools of Public and International Affairs before receiving a Masters of Arts Degree in economics at Princeton. This academic background served him well throughout his subsequent ventures into finance and economics.

Larry Kudlow Career:

Kudlow’s professional journey is marked by notable achievements:

  1. Financial Sector: Kudlow’s career began in finance. Working at various investment banks and financial institutions allowed him to hone his economic analysis skills.
  2. Political Advise: Kudlow’s understanding of economic policy garnered him notoriety among policymakers, leading him to roles such as staff economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and associate director for economics and planning at OMB during Ronald Reagan’s administration.
  3. Television Career: Kudlow first entered television through his work as an economic commentator for CNBC. Over time, his knowledge earned him his own show called the Kudlow Report where he discussed economic policy and market trends.
  4. Political Engagement: Kudlow has long been involved with politics, serving as Director of the National Economic Council under President Trump while upholding free market principles and supporting free-trade deals.

Larry Kudlow Personal Life:

Larry Kudlow Personal Life:

Larry Kudlow has successfully balanced both aspects of his personal and professional lives despite the difficulties presented by his profession. Married twice and fathering children from each, before starting on a professional path; thus demonstrating both personally and professionally his strong familial ties.

Larry Kudlow Collections:

Larry Kudlow has long demonstrated a keen passion for rare coins and historical artifacts through his extensive collection. These areas form both areas of study for him.

Larry Kudlow Real Estate:

Lawrence Kudlow appears to have invested his considerable wealth into real estate holdings as part of their overall investment plan, though more details about these holdings remain unknown. Wealthy individuals tend to diversify their investments across an effective financial plan which typically involves purchasing properties as investments as well as diversifying other forms of investments such as stocks.


Larry Kudlow has made history through his remarkable rise to financial eminence. Beginning as an investment analyst and moving through television appearances and political appointments, Kudlow has deftly navigated an ever-evolving economic environment with grace and precision.

Kudlow has achieved tremendous financial success throughout his career, amassing wealth through various assets and income sources while upholding his moral convictions – amassing an immense net worth that puts him among one of the leading authorities on public policy and economics. We can draw great insight from Kudlow as his journey unfolds as an inspiring narrative beyond economics.

Frequently asked questions:

What is Kudlow’s salary?

Kudlow draws a salary of $800,000 from CNBC, $1 million from Fox International, and $185,000 from his position at the National Economic Council.

Does Larry Kudlow have a degree in economics?

Kudlow is “the quintessential member of the Republican Party’s business wing.” Although in the media, Kudlow regularly comments on economic matters and served as Bear Stearns’s chief economist from 1987 until 1994, he has no formal economics qualifications.

Is Larry Kudlow still on Fox Business?

Larry Kudlow currently serves as the host of Kudlow on FOX Business Network (weekdays 4 PM/ET) and a FOX News Contributor. He joined the network in February 2021.

What radio station is Larry Kudlow on?

Larry Kudlow Show Presented by Priority Gold | 77 WABC.

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