Slime Isekai Anime tier list New Update (April 2024)

Anime tier list :If you’re looking for the Slime Isekai Memories Tier List 2024, you’ve come to the right place. So you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find a Slime Isekai Memories Tier List to assist you in obtaining the greatest fighting and protection characters, as well as a detailed tutorial on how to reroll.

Are you a fan of the blockbuster manga and anime from the time we were reborn as anime tier list? Do you like nice Gacha games? Slime Isekai Memories, on the other hand, is a fantastic game for you. Immerse yourself in a brand-new 3D role-playing game, fight with all of your favorite characters from the series, and find yourself at the heart of a brand-new story complete with fully spoken cutscenes, nation-building, and a command-based combat system.

Slime Isekai anime tier list New Update (March 2022)

Choosing your optimal lineup, like any excellent gacha game, may be challenging. But don’t worry, our Slime Isekai Memories tier list is back. Check out how your favorite characters rank, from Rimuru Tempest to the powerful Milim Nava, so you can decide who to bring along on your next in-game trip. In case you don’t get what you desire, we’ve included a Slime Isekai Memories repeat guide.

The most recent update was on October 01th, 2024.

Anime tier list : Slime Isekai Memories’ Best Protection

That time we were reborn as Slime Isekai anime tier list Memories, a new mobile game released by Bandai Namco and available on Google Play and the iOS App for Android and iOS platforms. It is accessible in both Japanese and English. All of your favorite in-game characters, such as Benimaru, Shion, Shizu, Rimuru Tempest, Shuna, and others, are included in this new Tensura.

The following tier list rates all of the characters at the moment we were resurrected as Slime Isekai Memories. We’ve also included a Slime Isekai Memories reroll tutorial if you wish to re-roll for first-class characters.

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Isekai Memories Isekai’s Guide Tier List

Slime Isekai anime tier list memory levels guide categorizes fighting and protection characters into three categories: Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. After covering the fighter character levels, we’ll move onto defensive character levels.

Best Overall Characters in Slime Isekai Memories Anime tier list 2024

CharactersRarityNick NameTier
Milim Nava5 StarBellicose DragoneyeS+
Elemental Colossus5 StarGolemS+
Treyni5 StarBudding of Deep GreenS+
Rimuru Tempest5 StarHarmonizer of Monsters & HumansS+
Shizue5 StarConqueror of FlamesS
Veldora Tempest5 StarStorm DragonS
Rimuru Tempest5 StarChancellor of TempestS
Shuna5 StarHoly PrincessS
Souei5 StarSpy in ShadowsS
Beretta5 StarArch GolemS
Orc Disaster5 StarStarvedS
Charybdis5 StarSwimming CalamityS
Ifrit5 StarBurning SpiritS
Ramiris5 StarFairy of the LabryrinthS
Ranga5 StarTempest Star WolfA+
Shion5 StarSteel AnnihilatorA+
Hakurou5 StarInstructor of Flashing SwordA+
Milim Nava5 StarOne of Oldest Demon LordsA+
Benimaru5 StarSamurai General of HellfireA+
Gazel Dwargo5 StarKing of an Armed NationA+
Milim Nava5 StarDragon MajinA+
Sky Dragon4 StarSoaring Dragon CalamityA
Fuze4 StarGuildmasterA
Salamander4 StarThe Flame MasterA
Trya4 StarSummer Breeze of BenevolenceA
Shion4 StarArdent AttendantA
Gabiru4 StarWaving SpearA
Shuna4 StarExcellent TailorA
Milim Nava4 StarDelighter in Everyday LifeA
Gelmud4 StarSecret OperatorA
Geld4 StarOrc KingA
Rimuru Tempest4 StarReincarnatedB+
Garm3 StarThe Armor ArtisanB+
Gobuichi3 StarThe Hobgoblin ChefB+
Psychic Elf3 StarFortunetellerB+
Chloe Aubert4 StarLovely InnocenceB+
Gobta4 StarHobgoblin AscendantB+
Souei4 StarBlue GaleB+
Shuna4 StarPink Ogre PrincessB+
Hakurou4 StarWhite SlashB+
Kurobe4 StarSteel Heart of ForgeB+
Rimuru Tempest4 StarSwordsmanship ForgeB
Light Spirit4 StarHeroic ConductorB
Veldora Tempest4 StarProud Kin of DragonsB
Vesta4 StarSeekerB
Kaijin4 StarThe Forge ArtisanB
Gard Mjolmire4 StarThe Competent MerchantB
Benimaru4 StarValiant KijinB
Ranga4 StarLoyal WolfB
Yuuki Kagurazaka4 StarGrandmasterB
Phobio4 StarLeopard FangB
Benimaru4 StarNext Clan LeaderC+
Souei4 StarInstant SpyC+
Shion4 StarPurple SmashC+
Rigurd3 StarHobgoblin MonarchC+
Alice Rondo3 StarGolem MasterC+
Kurobe3 StarImmobile Black OgreC+
Gale Gibson3 StarEarth Spirit LodgerC+
Ryota Sekiguchi3 StarHarmonizer of Insanity & CalmC
Myrd3 StarThe Construction ArtisanC
Haruna3 StarThe Affectionate HobgoblinC
Butterflies of the Night Owner3 StarBewitching ShopkeeperC
Dord3 StarThe Skilled ArtisanC
Kenya Misaki3 StarHeroio VesselC

In our Slime Isekai Memories tier list 2024, we have mentioned all the best characters up until now. Since the game has good characters of different types, we have segregated all of them into 7 brackets — S Tier, S+ Tier, A Tier, A+ Tier, B Tier & C Tiers.

Mainly tier lists are opinion based and can vary theoretical viability vs based on how much you weigh results. That being tell, among different tiers lists, you will look same trends due to the overall gamer’s conception of the different power of a character according to their goals.

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Best Battle Characters Of Slime Isekai Memories anime tier list

SMilim Nava (Dragon Majin), Rimuru Tempest, Luminus Valentine (Queen of Yule), Treyni, Gazel Dwargo
AShion, Beretta, Rimuru, Shion (Bold Servant), Shizue Izawa, Hakurou, Rimuru Tempest
BBenimaru, Shuna (Holy Princess), Souei, Milim Nava, Ranga (Tempest Star Wolf)
CShuna, Benimaru (Valiant Kijin)

To make level construction easier, the Slime Isekai Memories tier list has been broken into two sections: Best Defense Characters and Best War Characters.

Following the two tier lists below when selecting how to create your squad for the fight at hand, since damage and support characters are crucial in most other RPGs. If you’re having trouble surviving, try substituting a top-tier security character for a fighting character. You may also save time by deploying more or better fighting characters if you don’t have any survival difficulties.

Best Protection Characters Of Slime Isekai Memories Tier List

SVeldora Tempest (Storm Dragon), Charybdis (Swimming Calamity), Shuna, Ifrit (Burning Spirit), Orc Disaster (Starved)
AElemental Colossus, Sky Dragon, Ramiris, Milim Nava, Fuze, Salamander, Vesta, Veldora Tempest,
BKaijin, Light Spirit
CMyrd, Bar Owner, Gobuichi (Hobgoblin Chef), Psychic Elf (Fortune Teller), Dord (Skilled Artisan)

How to Reroll in Slime Isekai Memories in Simple Steps

Slime Isekai rerolling is a breeze, as you won’t need to go through the hassle of going into your game settings and clearing out the data cache like usual.

Here’s what you should really do:

  • To begin, launch Slime Isekai, then finish the tutorial and roll.
  • Third, if you wish to restart the game, go back to the start screen and select Menu in the bottom left corner.
  • Finally, choose Delete Game Data.
  • Sixth, finish the tutorial to restart the game.
  • Finally, repeat this procedure as many times as you wish.

Character Types in the Game Slime Isekai Memories

Characters in the Slime Isekai anime tier list Memories game are divided under the two primary categories of Protection and Battles, but they also have a kind that is listed below:

  • Wind
  • Water
  • Wind
  • Dark
  • Light
  • Sky
  • Earth
  • Fire

How To Get Slime’s Most Recent Updates (Isekai Reminiscences)

Slime Isekai Memories, as a brand-new mobile game, offers plenty of social media outlets to stay informed. Follow their official Twitter account (@SlimeIsekaiMemo), which updates regularly with new material. Alternatively, visit their website for the most up-to-date game info.

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In this post, we’ve broken down the Slime Isekai Memories Tier List into five levels so you can choose your strongest fighting and protection characters. Additionally, we included all of the tier lists for Slime Isekai Memories game which range from 5 to 3 stars. Rerolling Slime Isekai Memories and discussing Tier S+ to C Slime Isekai Memories is a free RPG available through Google Play Store.

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