Nier 2B and Replicant Skins in Rainbow Six Siege

Skins in Rainbow Six Siege: It appears that the most recent crossover between Rainbow Six Siege and another game series is just getting started. Players are clamoring to get their hands on the two new Nier skin packs that have been added to Siege. Some skins do get vaulted in Siege, so we can’t be sure how long they’ll be available for use. For Rainbow Six Siege, Nier crossover skins are available, and we’ll go over how to get them.

Skins in Rainbow Six Siege

How to Get the Nier Crossover Skins in Rainbow Six Siege

They cost premium currency just like the other crossover skins that have been added. To complement the Nier set, skins for Iana and Maverick have been made available. The skins, however, have a few distinct variations.

The Replicant bundle for Maverick is a normal legendary skin, while the Unit Designation skin for Iana is an Elite skin. As a result, the contents of each package vary slightly from one another. As the match’s MVP, you’ll unlock an exclusive victory animation, and if you purchase the Elite bundle, you’ll also receive a weapon charm depicting a chibi version of the operator in the skin.

Both of these are not included in the Maverick bundle, but you will still be charged the full price for them individually. Obtaining either set will require 2160 R6 Credits, or the equivalent of a $20 credit pack. As one of the best attackers in the game right now, Iana’s bundle is a must-have, whereas the Mavericks’ bundle is only necessary for Maverick mains.

Those who are still on the fence about purchasing these skins can relax for the time being. After being added to the game, crossover event skins typically remain available in the store indefinitely. There’s always a chance they’re seasonal skins, like the ones included in annual Esports bundles.

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