Lost Arc x Witcher Crossover: A Release Date has been Announced

Lost Arc x Witcher Crossover: The mega crossover of the two big games is here, the developer has accounced the release date date of this crossover.

Bringing Geralt and Ciri to the land of Arkesia, Smilegate has set January 18 as the release date for the Lost Ark x Witcher Crossover update.

Lost Arc x Witcher Crossover: The Event Date

The western version of the MMORPG now has a release date for the much anticipated Lost Ark x Witcher crossover. On January 18, gamers will be able to explore a new island with objectives and experiences including The Witcher characters.

Lost Arc x Witcher Crossover

Lost Arc x Witcher Crossover: From January 18th to February 22nd, there will be a crossover event centered on a stunning new island that is being threatened by an unknown vortex. Geralt, Ciri, Dandelion, Yennefer of Vengerberg, and Triss Merigold will help you solve the mystery using Witcher-themed potions and gear.

What’s included in the Event

Players may earn a jukebox song, a potion, a five-card Witcher deck, a building for their stronghold, emoticons, selfie stickers. Even a new title by completing storyline and daily objectives.

Lost Arc x Witcher Crossover: After the weekly maintenance is finished on January 18, the event will begin, and the new island may be unlocked by speaking with the guild investigator in any large city. The main narrative task “Set Sail!” must be completed before boarding the Ocean Liner to go to the next site.

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