Shuudan Codes In April 2024: Latest Codes

Shuudan Codes In April 2024: Shuudan is an awesome game for any Roblox player who enjoys both sports games and anime. Motive enough to give this game a shot: it was influenced by the fascinating anime Blue Lock. Many different character creation paths and builds are available in Shuudan, as is the case with any other soccer video game. You’ll want to make use of the game’s currency to maximize your gaming experience.

Shuudan codes are the quickest way to gain cash in the game. In exchange for your Cash, you will gain access to more emotes and tracksuits. As a result, when you finally do score, you may celebrate with the crowd and let them know how much you love to win.

Shuudan Codes

Shuudan Codes (Active)

OfferRedemption OptionStatus
4 More Days!Redeem for 16 Specialty SpinsNew
Update 2.25 Cash!Redeem for 4999 CashNew
2.7k FollowersRedeem for Skin Color Reset, 5 Personality Spins, and 5 Skill PointsNew

Expired Codes

3 Free Skill Points, 1k Cash, and 5 Personality Spins1.5k Followers
5 Specialty Spins800 Followers Twitter
1 Personality Spin, 3k Cash, and 1 Specialty Spin15k likes!
5 Personality Spins, 3k Cash, and 1 Specialty Spin12k likes, cry bout exp!
Five Skill Points5 Skill Points
1k CashShuudan Took Too Long To Open
10 Personality Spins7k Likes
One Specialty Spin9k Likes
10 Eye SpinsSeraphim Sucks!
Resets your skill tree and refunds itSkills Reset!

How do I redeem codes in Shuudan!?

Follow these steps to redeem codes in Roblox Shuudan!

  • Launch Roblox Shuudan!.
  • Pick Buy in the main page.
  • Write one of our codes down.
  • Enter it.
  • Hit “Finished” for your award.

Where can I find additional Shuudan codes?

Please add this page to your bookmarks and check back regularly for more Shuudan codes. When further freebies become available we’ll revise this article accordingly. In the interim you can follow the developer on Twitter @TigerBool.

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