How to Fix Apex legends no servers found Solve April 2024

Apex Legends no servers found: For this reason, gamers are unable to join the game. A common issue is the “No Server Found” error which has been plaguing gamers for some time now. If you’re one of those affected by this error, don’t fret. Here we will identify its underlying causes and possible solutions as well.

How to Fix Apex legends no servers found

Apex Legends’ No Server Found error can cause connectivity problems if your match software is unable to connect to the game servers. Generally, this occurs after scheduled maintenance has taken place – so don’t worry! Check your internet connection while waiting.

If you think the servers may be down, try visiting the unofficial Apex Legends status website. When available, this usually indicates that Apex Legends’ servers are going through regeneration. If it works normally for you, your internet connection may have failed – check wifi or cable connections to ensure they’re functioning properly.

How to Fix Apex legends no servers found

How to Fix Apex Legends No Servers Found Problem

If you are facing the No Servers Found error in Apex Legend here are a few things you can try to fix the issue:

1. Check your Internet Connection

Before anything else, double Check that your Internet connection is functioning optimally. Visit 2-3 websites to test if EA official website or Steam Store are accessible without issue.

2. Change game servers

If your game is fully updated and still has no servers, changing the “Data Center” might be the solution. EA uses this term in place of game servers that connect your game to targeting this first may be the best approach to solving this problem.

To change the server, press “TAB” on either your home screen or when loading the game. A list of all available servers with their ping values will be shown and you can sort them according to ping. Double-clicking on any available option should bring up a list with servers right below or above your current choice click it and it’ll reload and attempt to connect if successful you Will simply see progress towards main interface area; otherwise an error bug may appear again.

Try this step 3-4 times on different servers, and if the issue still persists, explore other solutions below.

3. Check if Apex Legends Servers are down

Always monitor Twitter or Reddit to see if the game servers are having issues or are unavailable. On Twitter, search for tags related to the game in case of any activity on Reddit, check the latest post in its subreddit.

Apex Legend Status, a community driven website, can help determine if game servers are down or only affect certain regions of the world. Players can report about outages they experience on this platform and if enough reports come in from that region or platform, an alert will appear on the website to inform those arriving late. If your region or platform doesn’t appear to have an outage, move onto the next step in the process.

4. Make sure your game is fully updated

If your game is running an older build, servers may not allow you to connect. To ensure your safety and enjoyment, always update your game with an official launcher like Origins or Steam before playing online.

Restarting your client will initiate the auto-update process; wait for it to conclude and then launch the game. Note that servers may remain unavailable immediately after a new update, so it is advised to wait some time before checking forums or social media outlets.

5. Update Windows and/or Restart your Pc

Windows 10 and later are notorious for silently updating the system when new updates become available. While most of these updates can be skipped over while your system is active, Microsoft may flag some as critical and require immediate download and installation upon release.

Once they finish installing or downloading, simply let them finish and restart your computer. Alternatively, if windows recently installed an update without newer versions available, restarting will complete the process.

6. Change the game launcher

If the issue still persists, then your final step should be to switch the game launcher. Apex Legends is currently available on Steam and Origins for PC both can be used with either launcher; thus, try switching which launcher you were having issues with and see if that helps resolve your issue.

If servers remain elusive, contacting game support and awaiting a reply is the sole alternative.


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