New Batman Game Details Leaked Online By FTC

New Batman Game Details Leaked Online: The latest Batman video game has been uncovered online. Batman’s popularity stems in large part from the fact that he is one of the most well-known superheroes in the world. His contributions to the superhero film genre are immeasurable, but he also changed the game-to-film adaption dynamic significantly. While the Batman: Arkham trilogy was instrumental in the rise of high-quality, reasonably priced superhero films, it sometimes feels like an isolated effort.

New Batman Game Leaked

As a result, the quality of the Spider-Man video games declined. In contrast, Batman had a role in shattering this norm and making an experience that stood out from the pack of similarly themed games. Batman has been seen very frequently since the game’s finale in 2015 thanks to team-based games like LEGO, MultiVersus, and Injustice, but he is only a short while away from getting his own genuine solo game.

New Batman Game Details Leaked Online

Camouflaj can always find a new one. An FTC court document says, as Jank Roettgers wrote in A-Z, that Camouflaj is making a new Batman VR game for Meta. The studio is known for making Iron Man VR, a game that used to only work on PlayStation VR but now works on Oculus as well since Meta bought the studio. The team is working on a Batman game for Meta’s Quest, which is mentioned in the document, but no other information is given. Rocksteady hasn’t made a VR version of Arkham for a long time. Camouflaj seems more likely to do its own thing.

Oops! The FTC accidentally leaked information about Camouflaj, a game studio that was bought by Meta in September and is making a Batman VR game for the Quest.

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