New Update For dishonored endings & Part 2 dishonored 2024

Dishonored Endings: The outcome of Dishonored is ultimately determined by its Chaos rating at the end. With a higher Chaos rating, Corvo finds himself in an altered situation when confronting Kingsparrow Island; other than having more guards appear during his task, there’s no indication as to how Chaos alters things within the game.

Dishonored ends offer players the choice between low or high Chaos levels. Low Chaos creates a world with more hostile characters and environmental hazards, while high Chaos leads to one with fewer. Testing your luck at killing in these low Chaos games will test how difficult these challenges can be to conquer.

Your propensity to stab is determined by Chaos; low Chaos (minimal murders) leads to optimistic endings, while high Chaos (traces of bodies) produces downbeat endings. Although you can go ghostly and complete missions by discovering shadows, spending the entire game learning achievements with little Chaos does not guarantee you won’t notice its presence at any point.

New Update For dishonored endings &  Part 2 dishonored

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Slackjaw and Granny Rags dishonored endings

Slackjaw and Granny Rags Have Been Revealed as Living by The Corroded Man. This has important ramifications for Corvo during Dishonored, including his decision to rescue Slackjaw from Granny Rags at a later point of the games. Subsequently, this implies that Granny Rags died at Corvo’s hands – something Harvey Smith publicly supported on Twitter.


At the climactic conclusion of Dishonored two Brigmore Witches speculate that Delilah has either been killed by Daud or duped into leaving her lifelong mark at the Void. Given her presence in trailers for Dishonored 2 and her poster included with all collector edition copies, it seems reasonable to assume she lived her experience with Daud. As a witch with many survival options available–including contemplating an insanity strategy for Daud–‘trapped from the Void’ seems likely canon at least for today’s conclusion: trapped at the Void!

Daud’s other adversaries

Bundry Rothwild, Arnold Timsh, Leonard Hume, Edgar Wakefield, the Geezer and Nurse Trimble’s fate is uncertain: it’s best to assume they have passed away or been disposed of. When replaying a match in your mind, consider your options provided that you do not push your insanity too far.

Billie Lurk

At the conclusion of Knife of Dunwall, Daud must decide whether to spare or execute Billie Lurk. She then betrays him in order to obtain Delilah – as both print and comic strip art demonstrate – further cementing Daud’s good man persona.


At an AMA last week, Harvey Smith confirmed that Daud was alive, meaning Corvo had spared him–further proof that Corvo is indeed the official version of the character. But this has implications for Daud himself, who plays a prominent role in both The Knife of Dunwall and The Brigmore Witches.

Based on how much chaos Daud creates throughout these two DLCs, Corvo will either spare him or kill him in the end. This implies that both assassins’ canon turmoil counts must be reduced. It also means the storyline playstyle for these characters is similar: spare people when possible and kill as few defenses as possible along the way to each target.

The conspirators

At the very bottom, they’re dead. That is the conclusion we are sticking with; Havelock radicalizes both Pendleton and Martin before facing off against Corvo at the end of the game.

Corvo’s additional adversaries

The Lord Regent is ultimately killed by Corvo in Dishonored 2. However, the fate of the Pendleton twins remains uncertain. Dishonored 2 suggests that Corvo did not simply go on a rampage in pursuit of those marks; if you are replaying the match, feel free to negotiate with them however you please – perhaps staging a drunken staircase incident or arranging someone to drop a spoonful of whale oil at an unfortunate moment? Dishonored endings leave room for imagination.


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