How to share xcom 2 character Pool Custom March 2023


XCOM 2 character Pool: One of the most convenient innovations that Firaxis has implemented in XCOM 2 is the character pool. XCOM 2 inserts your characters to recruit and rescue soldiers, engineers, scientists, and VIPs who have been murdered or kidnapped using the character pool. The characters you create from the character pools are added to you right from the start, and depending on who you assign them to, they appear on your recruiting list or when a VIP needs to be rescued.

With the character pool, you can put your created soldiers into play as randomly generated soldiers. They are promoted, promoted and can be adapted to their heart’s content. I recommend training them at Gurerrila School and choosing the class you want for characters from the character pool.

If you select a particular class and leave the character as a newcomer, tick or tick the three boxes that appear: Soldier, VIP Rescue Target, and Dark VIP Assassination / Kidnapping Target When you create a character, tick the box next to the character name in the character pool menu and select Export selection 5. Remember that you must train the soldier so that the class you want in the character pool does not ensure that the right class appears.

How to share xcom 2 character Pool Custom soldiers

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How to share xcom 2 character Pool Custom soldiers

To use the generated binary, drag it into the Character Pool directory of the games and import the soldier to be used in the game. In the main menu, go to the Importable Character Pool folder (where your character pool will be exported) and click Import Character this time. To import custom soldiers from other sources, copy the supplied bin file into the importable character pool folder and boot xcom 2 character Pool.

create some characters

Is it right that man plays God? Remember to break an alien’s heart or eat their heart with your magic. In the main menu, click on the character pool to create a character. Then stick to what you have created.

export the characters to a pool

Now we need to create a new character pool so our grumpy little Jedi can live happily ever after. We first have to create the file with the character pool bin in the game and then export the characters of your choice as shareable bit. Go to the main screen of the character pool and you will see a list of the characters you created. Check the box for the character you want to share and click on the Export selection.

Click Create new pool and a prompt will appear asking you to name the new pool. Enter something recognizable and press Confirm to move the character to the pool list. Click on your newly created character pool and another prompt asks if you want to copy your character into the selected pool. This is important because it is easy to overlook if your character is not exported.

Their soldiers are sent to the titular pool, where they chill in temperate, sterile water while sipping fruity cocktai in the wrong pool. This is done in a recycle bin file, which is (by default) located in the Documents folder.


ind the Importable folder and look for your character pool bin file.This is what my file path looks like on Windows 10:

C:\Users\[username]\Documents\My Games\XCOM2\XComGame\CharacterPool\Importable

Importing Characters

Finally, select the characters you want to import, and Boom, they will be in your active character pool, ready to help kill aliens whenever needed. To import Custom Soldiers from other sources to import custom soldiers, copy the supplied.bin file when you boot from xcom 2 character Pool to the Importable Character Pool folder (where your character pool will be exported). Go to the folder and then back to the main menu, this time click Import characters. Find the name of the bin file, give it the character you want to import, and click Next.

If one of your friends sends you his customized character, you can import it into the game. Exit the game and navigate to the next location to find out if you have a custom character. If you want to add yourself, create a character you already have in the game, export it and upload it; let us know in this thread, and add it to the large importable Qt3 Character Pool file he built import into the game.

The inclusion of hairstyles, colors, race, skin color, outfits, armor options, props for upper and lower face, full names, nicknames, tattoos, face painting, nationalities, face types, and accents (two male, two female, and one Australian accents) makes this one of the best character creations in the game I have seen so far. I would like to see this kind of customization in a first-person shooter or multiplayer game. You don’t have to go into too much detail about clothes, but you’d be surprised how much customization the game allows for characterless faces and heads.

It’s great that the developers have incorporated several gameplay-related things into the game that they love and do. All we have to do is deal with the difficult covert op points at the beginning. These guys have a lot of blood. All that is left is to clean up what the soldiers have achieved and flank them. There is not one but one member of the group who looks bad after completing a mission in the tunnels. Sometimes, the game takes a photo of you in the game, as if Gerad is promoted to sergeant.

I am not worried about soldiers being wounded in ambushes or worse, or captured soldiers or worse. am very proud of how the website has developed this year; think we have counted up to a thousand characters without major incidents like crashes or bugs. So grateful to everyone who has supported the site over the years and shared characters to share in our small community, even if silence is a part of it.

Our goal with the EXP system is to promote participation in websites and high-quality character uploads. You can import any XCOM developer from your game as a playable character and the ability to share and showcase your creations. Still, for those who are not creative enough to create their own or who want to add fresh content to their team, this can be not very clear. The missing character upload guide and FAQ page are now filled with a three-minute short video that goes through all the steps necessary to import and export a character into XCOM 2 with voiceovers by Brian and me.

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Life has been a busy whirlwind lately, and I haven’t had as much time as I would like to play games like XCOM as I have done with many other new projects.

The scan rewards vary greatly in quality, but this scan reward is one of the best you can get in the game. The strong tradition is composed of 30 nameless clone troops from Sweden.

I collected these statistics by reviewing the episodes and recording every single shot of each soldier, including whether they had survived without being damaged. I then tried to compare the numbers at the end of each mission with the statistics reported by Christopher Odds and added the mod to make sure I didn’t miss anything.


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